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ECADtools supplies world-class design and simulation tools
to the Australian/NZ engineering design communities.

These tools aid the research and development of
more reliable and more efficient products and services.

  • OPAL-RT is the world leader in PC/FPGA-based real-time Hardware and Software In-the-Loop (HIL/SIL) simulation and Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) solutions. With solutions starting at less than AU$20,000, they offer RCP and HIL simulation platforms to address the needs of small university teaching labs, all the way up to the largest of R&D power grid planning operations. From compact desktop systems for introductory level power electronics and control system prototyping, through to multi-CPU/multi-FPGA simulators for the largest of ower grids, OPAL-RT is the preferred choice of educators, researchers and grid operators around the world.

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  • Cadence Design Systems is unique in the world of electronic design automation tool developers. Their OrCAD and Allegro PCB design, and PSpice and Sigrity simulation products are part of an integrated suite of solutions for designing, optimising and verifying circuits and PCB layouts, with solutions to support sole traders, all the way to distributed design teams creating the most complex electronic product and FPGAs. Their unique in-design, real-time error checking and design guidance features help deliver better outcomes, with fewer errors, faster. With powerful solutions starting at less than AU$1,000, Cadence offers the best value-for-money proposition of any EDA tool vendor.

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What's New


Real-time Transient Stability Simulation of 108,000 nodes achieved

Renewable energy and microgrids are driving the need to delve deeper and more accurately into transient stability of massive interconnected transmission and distribution networks. OPAL-RT has successfully demonstrated a synthesised network comprised of 108,000 nodes, confirming their leadership in this area.


Why is OPAL-RT's Travelling Wave simulation capability important?

OPAL-RT is the only simulation solutions provider to have deployed a TW solution. This webinar explains why it's so important for network engineers to understand HIL testing of Travelling Wave fault locators.


OPAL-RT announces complete Cyber-Physical solution

OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES has partnered with Scalable Networks Technologies, a world leader in high-performance communication systems simulation, to deliver an exceptionally powerful platform for simulating real-world cyberattacks and system failures in a controlled environment, and modelling the resilience of protection systems.


OrCAD goes 'real-time' in October 2018
Get 'real-time' Design Constraint, DFM Rule and Electrical Rule (impedance) breach warnings on the fly as you design in OrCAD PCB Designer Professional! This is game changing stuff.
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Updated OrCAD Blog launched
Blogs now have a new home. Find posts about products, new technologies, industry trends, etc.


New OrCAD Resources page launched
The OrCAD website is changing, starting with a revamped RESOURCES section. Find more, faster.


50-75% off a range of OrCAD packages.
With QIR6 May 2018 software release comes some special offers to make OrCAD even better value.

Products in the Spotlight

  • HYPERSIM lets you simulate
    3-phase electro-magnetic
    and electro-mechanical
    transients in real-time.
    Ideal for power systems

  • RT-Lab converts Simulink┬«
    models into interactive
    real-time simulation
    applications; with an
    intuitive GUI for control and
    data acqusition.

  • World-class OrCAD PCB design
    and simulation software for
    Australian and New Zealand universities at the lowest
    prices on the planet?

  • OrCAD's SI tools can help
    identify and correct signal
    integrity issues both pre- and
    post route, regardless of what PCB editor you use. LEARN MORE >>