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OrCAD Capture & Component Information System (CIS)


OrCADĀ® Capture is one of the most widely used schematic design solutions in the world. Because it's part of the OrCAD 'PCB Design Platform', it can be purchased as a stand-alone application, yet will integrate seamlessly with other OrCAD applications as your needs expand or change.

Because Capture integrates with OrCAD PCB Editor for physical PCB design, OrCAD PSpiceĀ® for analogue/mixed-signal circuit simulation, OrCAD PCB SI for signal integrity analysis and planning, and OrCAD CIS (Component Information System) for component selection, optimisation and variant design, it greatly expands the schematic design process.

Purchase Options

Products (stand alone):
   PO1100 - OrCAD 'Capture'

   PO1120 - OrCAD 'CIS' Option (if adding to existing 'Capture'

Suites containing 'Capture':
   PO1110 - OrCAD 'Capture + CIS'
   PO1520 - OrCAD 'PSpice Designer Standard' ('Capture' + 'PSpice A/D')
   PO1540 - OrCAD 'PSpice Designer Plus' ('Capture' + 'PSpice A/D' + 'PSpice AA')
   PO3005 - OrCAD 'PCB Designer Standard' ('Capture' + 'PCB Editor)
   PO3010 - OrCAD 'PCB Designer Professional' ('Capture' + 'PCB Editor + 'SPECCTRA' + 'SI')
   PO3030 - OrCAD 'PCB Designer Professional + PSpice' (as above + 'PSpice A/D')

Compare 'Capture' vs 'Capture+CIS'

View the features comparison chart here.

Download the OrCAD Capture 17.2-2016 datasheet here.

Download the OrCAD Capture+CIS 17.2-2016 datasheet here.

An Introduction to OrCAD Capture

An Introduction to OrCAD CIS

Try 'Capture' for FREE

Want to evaluate 'Capture'? Go to our Downloads page and request a copy of OrCAD 'Lite' (PSpice or PCB Designer, depending on your needs).

What's New in Capture V17.2-2016

Design Difference Viewer
Performs logical and graphical comparisons between two designs, two schematic folders or two schematic pages and view the difference report in the form of a portable HTML format.

Advanced Annotation
The new advanced annotation feature lets users annotate multiple schematic pages at a time giving them complete control over their component annotation process in the design cycle.

Open Demo Design
The new Open Demo Design browser gives access to more than 150 demo designs made available from different locations, collated together to help users better understand Capture, Capture CIS and Capture+PSpice Flow.

Arrow Electronics Reference Design Library
Arrow Electronics has partnered to provide OrCAD Capture users access to more than 12,000 reference designs that can be loaded directly in their schematic capture environment, helping to speed development times.

Export - Import XML
OrCAD Capture provides you the capability to convert Capture designs to XML format and vise-versa based on the requirement.

ISCF Export
Introducing direct ISCF (Intel Schematic Connectivity Format) feature for automating Intel-based design reviews to export hierarchical schematic designs in an Intel-approved format helping users optimize the design review process.

Intelligent PDF Creation and Export
The new PDF export functionality lets users export Capture design as PDF file and provides intelligent design information.

Extended Preferences Setup
The extended Preferences Setup window allows you to modify additional application settings in OrCAD Capture like Command Shell, design and libraries, design rule check, CIS, NetGroup, NetList and Schematic.

FREE Software Downloads

>> Download OrCAD Lite for FREE

This demo app introduces you to the features of OrCAD Capture, PSpice, PCB Editor and more. While it never expires, it has limited capabilities.

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