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OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP)


OrCAD's Component Information Portal (CIP) is a comprehensive online component search and database management environment. Together with Capture CIS, the portal enables design teams to share component databases.

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PO5150 - OrCAD 'CIP' (Component Information Portal)

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Download the OrCAD CIP datasheet here.

An Introduction to OrCAD CIP

Product Highlights

Component Data Management
ntuitive interface to directly add or maintain component / parametric information for a CIS database.

Starter Library and Database Schema
Get started quickly with a starter database, including a pre-configured schema, and 5,000 part starter library.

Manage User Roles
Define access rights to users which ensures data integrity and gives users access to only the information they need.

Distributor Integration
Instant access to component parametric data for millions of parts from thousands of suppliers directly within OrCAD Capture CIS.

New Part Introduction
Supports temporary part creation allowing the design to keep moving forward while a new part is being approved and introduced.

Complete Component Information
Automatic and error free download of part parametric data such as: Part Number, Value, Price, Qty on hand, RoHS status and more.

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    Build Rules for Description and Part Type Fields

    Multi-source Component Support

    Enhanced Data Import

    Permissions Management

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