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FREE Component Libraries

ActiveParts for CIS (Capture Component Info System) users

ActiveParts is FREE for users of OrCAD 'CIS' with a current Maintenance contract. ActiveParts is a built into OrCAD 'Capture CIS' and does not require additional software installation.

Included with ActiveParts is the following:

  • Over 2 million parts in the ActiveParts CIS database
  • 1.2 million parts with OrCAD Capture symbols
  • Parametric data
  • 25% of parts have mapped OrCAD Layout footprints
  • Manufacturer Names, Part Numbers, and URLs
  • New parts added on a continual basis

  • PartLink powered by DigiKey

    With PartLink (developed by 3rd party vendor EMA of the US), you can download component data from Digi-Key (Farnell's component database) directly into your OrCAD Capture Schematics.

    Download PartLink from the OrCAD Capture Marketplace for free.

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