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OrCAD Design For Manufacturability (DFM) Checker


OrCADĀ® DFM Checker provides comprehensive, easy to use PCB manufacturing analysis technology that identifies specific design issues that may have an adverse effect on PCB fabrication. Designs that pass standard design rule verification may unknowingly contain critical issues that could result in low manufacturing or assembly yields, or costly scrap. DFM Checker enables you to correct potential manufacturing issues before the design is sent to the fabricator to avoid time-to-market delays.

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PO5320 - OrCAD 'DFM Checker')

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Download the OrCAD Capture 17.2-2016 datasheet here.

An Introduction to OrCAD DFM Checker

Product Highlights

Global Access
Wherever your teams are, the CIP cloud-enabled portal is accessible wherever users have internet access.

Custom Rules
Build rules for both description field and part type field in OrCAD CIP.

Access Supplier Databases
Manages manufacturer and distributor databases and directly access parts in Capture.

Customisable Parts Lists
Import your own parts data into the OrCAD CIP data infrastructure.

Permissions Management
Manage roles and permissions for users in the OrCAD CIP from anywhere.

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    Build Rules for Description and Part Type Fields

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