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eFPGAsim - Real-time FPGA-based Power Electronics Simulator


Real-time simulation of power electronics remains one of the greatest challenges to HIL simulation.

I/O capability for capturing PWM frequency, overall latency of the closed-loop simulation, mathematical solving of coupled switches and fault injection on all stages of complex power electronics schematics are just some of the complexities of this evolving industry.

After two decades of real-time simulation research and development, together with hands-on experience with power electronics, OPAL-RT has delivered eFPGASIM, the industry’s most powerful and intuitive FPGA-based real-time solution.

eFPGASIM combines the performance of high-fidelity digital simulators with very low communication latency to provide power electronics engineers with a state-of-the-art HIL platform for the development and testing of control and protection systems.

Powered by eHS, eFPGASIM is the perfect real-time simulation system for all types of electrical conversion test applications, such as renewable energy conversion (photovoltaics, wind power, battery management and microgrid), industrial drive systems, electric drive transportation and power electronics research.

Typical Applications
  • Transmission system operator training using balanced positive-sequence network models
  • Distribution system operator training using unbalanced phase-by-phase network models
  • Testing and optimisation of machine controls (eg voltage regulators, speed regulators, power system stabilisers) on system stability
  • Testing global control systems implemented on SCADA using PMU measurements for voltage and power control
  • Testing local control systems such as transformer tap changers, capacitor switching, over-current protection and re-closers, load shedding, load restoration and their interaction with global control systems
  • Testing interactions between FACTS and HVDC transmission systems on system stability of interconnected systems using fundamental-frequency simulation before making detailed EMT simulations
  • Dynamic cybersystem security assessments of large-scale power grids
  • Education and research

  • Software Key Features
  • Simulate positive sequence (including load flow) and unbalanced networks
  • Build circuits using standard C++ libraries (machines, loads, transformers, etc))
  • Build circuits using the FMI library (standard exciters, PSS, machines, etc)
  • Import FMU user-defined components developed with Modelica software
  • Import FMU user-defined components developed with Modelica software
  • Simulate circuits offline in the Windows PC environment (licences available for 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 bus models)
  • Simulate circuits in real-time on OPAL-RT simulators (licences available for 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 bus models)
  • Requires RT-Lab 'B Series' host PC/target simulator licence as a minimum

  • Compatible Real-Time Simulator Hardware
  • OP4200 (entry level desktop system for EE student labs)
  • OP4510 (and earlier model OP4500s)
  • OP5707 (and earlier model OP5600s)

  • Suite Capability Summary

    *Variable according to the selected eHS series.
    Visit the eHS page for more information.

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