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eMEGAsim - Real-time Power Systems and Power Electronics Simulator

eMEGASIM is a software solution incorporating OPAL-RT's RT-Lab. It provides a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and affordable solution for multiple disciplines and applications. Whether for industry or academia, users can build real-time simulation systems, precisely suited for current and future needs.

It is the only MATLAB Simulink and SimPowerSystems compatible real-time digital simulator available for the development and testing of protection and control systems using HIL simulation. Other vendors offer limited compatibility, but OPAL-RT leads the way in every respect.

Used for teaching, R&D works and HIL tests, eMEGASIM accurately simulates the electromagnetic transients required by power grids and very complex and fast power electronic and converters systems.

eMEGASIM is bundled with HYPERSIM, which uses a dedicated software environment for creating simulation models. The coupling with eMEGASIM allows the addition of models created in PSS/E, PSD-BDA, etc. This bundling delivers engineers the most powerful solution for power systems simulations on the market.

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