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ePHASORsim - Real-time Transient Stability Simulator


ePHASORSIM's phasor domain solver lets users simulate power network models of up to 30,000 3-phase buses/100,00 single phase nodes (offline 'non-real-time on a PC) or 10,000 3-phase buses/30,000 single phase nodes (online, real-time on a simulator), comprised of thousands of generators, tranmission lines, loads and transformers.

It allows analysis and understanding of even highly complex national grids. It can also be used for the testing and integration of EMS/SCADA systems, wide area protection and control systems, as well as for power systems engineer and technician training.

Software Key Features
  • Build circuits using:
    - standard C++ libraries (machines, loads, transformers, etc)
    - the FMI library (standard exciters, PSS, machines, etc)
    - FMU user-defined components developed in Modelica
  • Import models developed in:
    - Simulink, PSS/e or MS Excel (standard feature)
    - CYMDist (requires optional ePHASORSIM-to-CYMD import utility)
  • Simulate:
    - positive sequence (including load flow) and unbalanced networks
    - offline in the Windows PC environment
    - in real-time on OPAL-RT simulators
  • Requires RT-Lab 'B Series' host PC/target simulator licence as a minimum

  • Typical Applications
  • Transmission system operator training using balanced positive-sequence network models
  • Distribution system operator training using unbalanced phase-by-phase network models
  • Testing and optimisation of machine controls (eg voltage regulators, speed regulators, power system stabilisers) for system stability
  • Testing global control systems implemented on SCADA using PMU measurements for voltage and power control
  • Testing local control systems such as transformer tap changers, capacitor switching, over-current protection and re-closers, load shedders and load restoration devices; and their interaction with global control systems
  • Testing interactions between FACTS and HVDC transmission systems in relation to interconnected system stability, using fundamental-frequency simulation prior to making developing detailed EMT simulations
  • Dynamic large-scale power grid cybersystem security assessments
  • Education and research

  • Compatible Real-Time Simulator Hardware
  • OP4510 (and earlier model OP4500s)
  • OP5707 (and earlier model OP5600s)
  • OP5031 ('brute force' computing platform)

  • Suite Capability Summary

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