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ePHASORsim - Real-time Transient Stability Simulator

Rapidly increasing penetrations of renewables, progressive overloading of existing transmission networks, and cybersecurity continue to drive increased the complexity of operation, monitoring, control and protection in relation to power grids. In turn, increasingly complex wide area controls require ever-more precise evaluations, studies, validation and training.

ePHASORSIM offers dynamic simulation of power systems that allows even highly complex systems to be modelled, analysed and understood in great detail. It can also be used for the testing and integration of EMS/SCADA systems, wide area protection and control systems, and power systems training.

ePHASORSIM‘s phasor domain solver, performing at a typical time-step of a few milliseconds, provides voltage and current information representing the same as a Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) in a real power grid. This unique electromechanical real-time simulation capability enables precise simulation of large-scale networks within a faster, real-time environment.

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