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HYPERSIM - Real-time Power Systems Simulator


HYPERSIM allows power systems engineers to quickly build power network diagrams, leveraging a rich, independently validated component model library from the world's leading power systems hardware vendors. Models include IEC 61850 protection relays, protection functions such as MHO distance, transformer differential, loss-of-excitation, and more.

It is the only real-time digital simulation environment with the power to simulate and analyse very large-scale power grids with more than 3,000 three-phase buses.

It also allows for simulations of very fast power electronics (eg Modular Multilevel Converters/MMCs) on the simulator chassis' FPGA.

A wealth of features, including data integrity manipulation, manual task mapping and data logging, contribute to making HYPERSIM an even more flexible, intuitive and powerful simulation tool.

Typical Applications
  • The study of:
    - Synchrophasors and PMUs
    - HVDCs & MMCs
    - FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems)
    - SVCs (State Variable Controls)
    - Protection Relays (including standing wave studies)
  • Education and research

  • Compatible Real-Time Simulator Hardware
  • OP4510 (and earlier model OP4500s)
  • OP5707 (and earlier model OP5600s)
  • OP5031 ('brute force' computing platform)

  • Suite Capability Summary

    Developed by the power industry for the power industry

    HYPERSIM is the result of over 25 years of collaboration between Hydro-Quebec, RĂ©seau de Transport de Electricite (RTE, France's largest grid operator) and China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI, China's largest power systems research lab).

    It's also used by many of the world's leading power systems vendors, which means that real-world verified models from vendors such as ABB, Siemens, Alstom, Leibherr, Schneider Electric and GE Energy are available to help create highly realistic models for simulating a wide range of real-world scenarios.

    Powerful real-time simulation and analysis of power systems.

    IEC 61850 Protection Relay Library

    HYPERSIM includes a library of detailed protection functions such as MHO distance, transformer differential, loss-excitation and more!.

    Data Integrity Manipulation

    For network protection and cybersecurity studies, HYPERSIM allows users to manipulate the integrity of data sent over Ethernet using IEC 61850-9-2 Sampled Values.

    Manual Task

    To optimises real-time performance, manual mapping of tasks is now available (in addition to the automatic task mapping), with configurations able to be saved for future use.

    Simulation Data Logging

    Helps users easily record and store gigabytes of data on numerous signals and across days of simulations.

    New I/O Graphical User Interface

    HYPERSIM's new I/O graphical interface allows users to modify configurations quickly and easily.

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