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HYPERSIM - Real-time Power Systems Simulator


HYPERSIM is the only real-time digital simulator with the power to simulate and analyze very large-scale power systems with more than 2000 three-phase buses.

It is used for factory acceptance and system integration testing, as well as for R&D works and commissioning tests.

The result is the highest-performance real-time power system simulator available. Indeed, around the world you'll find HYPERSIM deployed in leading research and development organisations, including Australia's largest real-time digital simulation lab, the RTS Lab at UNSW.

This solution relies on open architecture, high-speed parallel processing and modular scalability to deliver standard real-time simulators designed to meet the evolving needs of the most demanding utilities and manufacturers. Its intuitive and convenient interface allows engineers to create complex power system topologies and tackle operational and reliability issues within a single day.

Based on decades of research by Hydro-Quebec on one of the world’s most complex transmission power systems, HYPERSIM is an ever-improving solution with a proven track record. As a result, it is rapidly becoming the new standard for very large power systems.

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