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OrCAD Library Builder


OrCAD® Library Builder is an automated solution for part creation. Advanced PDF datasheet extraction drives schematic symbol and PCB footprint/land pattern creation, eliminating traditional error-prone manual processes and creating accurate component libraries in a fraction of the time.

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PO5100 - OrCAD 'Library Builder'

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OrCAD Library Builder datasheet here.

An Introduction to OrCAD Library Builder

Highlights of OrCAD CIP

Correct By Construction
Ensure your libraries are built correctly the first time by automating error-prone tasks and providing a complete set of error checking utilities.

Symbol Creation
BSave symbol generation time and errors by extracting datasheet specifications, formatting, and exporting to OrCAD Capture efficiently.

IPC-7351 Compliant Footprints
Automatically build your footprints to IPC-7351 specifications straight from the vendors’ datasheet or define custom requirements.

Symbol and Footprint Checking
Check to ensure symbol and footprint match easily with the ability to view symbol and footprints in one GUI and cross probe if necessary.

3D-model Generation
Generate STEP models automatically from the footprint data, making it easy to build accurate mechanical models for 3D visualization.

Accelerate Your Workflow
Accelerate workflow dramatically by providing a single unified environment for extracting PDF data, creating footprints, and validating outputs.

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