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How to Buy

Own or Rent?

Cadence offers either outright purchase (Perpetual Licences) or annual leases (Time Based Licences), depending on your needs.

When you purchase a Perpetual Licence, you can additionally take up an Annual Maintenance Contract, that provides access to updates as well as online resources.

Or, if you only need a bundle or optional feature on a project basis, then Cadence offers a 'Time Based Licence' (TBL), which even includes software updates that are released during the lease period.

Fixed or Floating Licence?

Once you've decided what capabilities you need, you can then decide what licence option to go with, which includes either fixing a licence to a physical or virtual machine MAC address, or having the freedom of having a licence accessible on a shared network or VPN. Licence options include:

> Dongle Device:
    Physical hardware locking device with a unique licencing ID that plugs into your computers USB port
> Network Address:
    A physical computer’s Ethernet / MAC address provides the unique licencing ID
> Virtual Machine (VM):
    A virtual computer environment’s Ethernet / MAC address provides the unique licencing ID

Information Required When Ordering

Licences are locked to PC physical MAC addresses, so the one thing we definitely require is that address.

If your PC does not have a network device fitted, there are options for USB Ethernet devices that you can lock your licence to; or alternately, go with a Dongle Licence, for which we'll require the Flexera ID if you already have a Flexera dongle.

Educational Licences

Our OrCAD for Education Program provides great deals for universities, colleges and students.

Want to Try Before You Buy?

Cadence offers OrCAD 'Lite', which is free to download, highlights the major features of the OrCAD 'Design Platform', but which is limited in terms of the size and complexity of designs that can be handled. OrCAD Lite is suitable for both product evaluation as well as for teaching and student project work.

Alternately, you can request a free 'time-based' trial licence of fully featured products, typically for 1-2 weeks.

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