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OP4510: Priced for Industry and Education.

The OP4510 is a compact, entry-level simulator that combines all of OPAL-RT’s strengths in high-performance Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation of power electronics.

Its modular architecture means it can be customised via the addition of a large range of I/O cards. Its low cost means it's ideal for research labs as well as teaching needs.

For universities, ECADtools supplies OP4510-based packages with one or two cores unlocked, making it the perfect solution for modelling 25-50 power system nodes. These education packages include:

  • An OP4510 simulator chassis
  • RT-LAB software
  • Accessories as required (including I/O cards and software)
  • Materials for inclusion in course notes
  • Optional courseware software modules that integrate teaching exercises and the OP4510 simulator

  • Small but Strong

    Equipped with the latest generation of Intel Xeon four-core processors and a powerful Xilinx Kintex 7 FPGA, the OP4510 delivers raw simulation power for both CPU-based real-time simulation and FPGA-based sub-microsecond time-step power electronics simulation.

    The OP4510’s compact 2U chassis works equally well for desktop or rack mounted setups, while providing up to 128 high-performance analogue/digital channels (with signal conditioning) and 4 SFP-GTX optical high-speed links for hardware interfacing. The standard configuration includes 32 digital outputs, 32 digital inputs, 16 analogue outputs, and 16 analogue inputs.

    Flexible Architecture

    The combined commercial off-the-shelf FPGA and CPU architecture of the OP4510 uses the latest of these technologies enabling users to reach real-time simulation time steps below 10 μs and 200ns, respectively. Co-simulation between FPGA and CPU is also possible, thanks to a fast PCIexpress link exchanging data and signals between devices. This feature makes it possible to couple high-speed FPGA-based models, such as power converters and electric drives, to slower electrical and mechanical systems on the CPU, providing even more detailed simulations.

    The 10-nanosecond timing resolution of the FPGA enables users to perform advanced RCP of high-speed PWM-based controllers that can be tested on actual hardware. Order an OP4510 complete with a standalone power electronic controller test system and pre-defined power electronic models to get projects up and running in less time than ever before.

    By interfacing the simulator with the OP1200 Modular Multi-level Converter (MMC) test bench, users can expand their capabilities to include prototyping new control algorithms, drive amplifiers emulating the behavior of a real power system network, send firing command and receive measurement in real-time such as cell DC voltages and half arm currents.

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