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Solutions for Teaching & Research

OPAL-RT is used in more than 500 universities and research labs around the world. Their solutions are incredibly popular because they're not only incredibly powerful and flexible, but highly intuitive.

RT-Lab's drag-&-drop interface allows offline, non-real-time models created in popular apps such as Simulink, Simscape Power Systems (SPS), PLECS, PSS/E and others, allows students, researchers and teachign staff to focus on creating simulations and analysing results, not learning how operate within a proprietary environment.

To support universities, OPAL-RT offers significant discounts on hardware and software, with desktop solutions starting from as low as AU$10,000; with more powerful, more fully featured lab solutions offering significantly savings compared to other other vendors platforms.

Add to that partnerships with leading enterprises such as National Instrument (NI) and Festo LabVolt, plus integrated courseware on a range of topics, and you have the building blocks for the most powerful teaching solution for power systems and power electronics available.

Powerful, Intuitive, Integrated

Spend more time creating simulations and analysing results, than learning a new app.

  • Drag-&-drop model importation for auto-code generation.
  • Intuitive dashboards for setting up and running simulations and analysing results.
  • Editable and upgradeable courseware that operates with OPAL-RT simulators to guide students through learning exercises.
  • Lab experiments with models that cover introductory through to advacned level studies.

  • Integrated Partner Solutions

    Extend your reach with solutions developed in partnership with recognised leaders in fields as diverse as Electric Drives and Robotics Systems. Partners include:

  • National Instruments (NI):
      - Sub-microsecond power-electronic simulation running on Ni cRIO
        (see also Courseware Modules below)

  • Festo Lab-Volt:
      - Simulation solutions for Electric Drives
      - Simulation solutions for Wind Turbines
        (see OPAL-RT/Festo Lab-Volt solution brochures below)

  • Integrated Courseware Modules

    Customisable courseware integrates with OPAL-RT's simulator platforms for an enhanced learning experience. Modules include exercises for lab experiments, with all relevant models. Course modules include:

  • DC-DC Converters
  • DC-AC Converters
  • AC-DC Rectifiers
  • 3-Phase 3-Level NPC Converters

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