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OPAL-RT 'Academic Bundles'

From entry-level bundles for undergrad student labs, through to research-grade tools for exploring complex, grid-scale transient stanility issues, these bundles are modular, upgradeable, scalable and affordable.

Discover for yourself why OPAL-RT's platforms are used by more than 350 universities around the world.

Mechatronics Bundles

Ideal for testing & validating motor control systems in a safe desktop environment.

Inroduce undergrads to the world of real-time validation to explore electric device control strategies in greater depth, more quickly, and more safely.

Typical applications include using models developed in Simulink® to capture and generate precision PWM and other timed (Encoder, Resolver, Hall Effect) signals.

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Power Electronics Bundles

High-Fidelity Electronics 'RCP+HIL' Capabilities

Add powerful real-time electronics testing and validation to your real-time control system simulation capabilities.

Designed for more advanced power electronics studies using models developed in Simulink®, PLECS®, PSIM® or NI MULTISIM®. Lets you undertake real-time simulations with very high fidelity (ie smaller time steps), without having to decouple the power electronics schematics. Includes OPAL-RT’s ‘eHS’ electrical hardware solver, which allows simulation of dozens of switches, with minimum simulation time steps of 100ms (microseconds) achievable on the CPU, or 125 ns (nanoseconds) on the FPGA.

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* Prices are a guide only. See below for further details.

Power Systems Bundles

Research-grade Real-Time Power Systems Simulation

Bring large power grid phasor stability analysis capabilities to the desktop in a compact, feature-rich, real-time simulation platform.

BDL45-410: Run Simscape Power Systems™ (SPS) models in closed loop environments for detailed EMT simulation feedback. Plus, monitor the behaviour of grids based on the relays under test, with a selection of industry communication protocols.

BDL45-411: Create detailed closed loop EMT models in HYPERSIM to test protection control relays. Also allows exploration of the behaviour of grids in real-time, based on the relays under test. As HYPERSIM includes a line diagram editor, you don't need a third party modelling tool such as Simulink or SPS.

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Interactive Online Student Courseware

Developed with undergrad teaching needs in mind, these online, subscription-base courses include interactive real-time simulation exercises, study guides and resource materials.

Enhance practical exercises by adding model-based, real-time interactive sessions that allow underlying principles to be explored in a safe, virtual environment. Even if you don't have a simulator, you'll be able to experience the course documents and offline exercises - users simply won't be able to perform real-time simulations.

The 30 day free trial is available to university staff and students. Requires an academic email address to register ('' in Australia, '' in New Zealand, '' in the Philippines).

Comprised of:

  • Synchronous Machines - 5 modules
  • Asynchronous Machines - 5 modules

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Comprised of:

  • Converters (DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC & Three-Phase Three-Level NPC Inverter/Rectifier) - 4 modules

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Comprised of:

  • Power Flow (no faults), Damper windings, Faults & Recovery - 3 modules

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