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OPAL-RT Real-Time Simulation Hardware

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Real-Time Simulator Chassis

OPAL-RT offers a range of modular, customisable and expandable simulator hubs for use with their simulation systems software.
These contain the CPUs and FPGA on which the user defined models are simulated.
Start by selecting the chassis that matches your selected software platform and provides the required number of I/O channels.

See also the pre-configured OPAL-RT Test Bench range below.

FPGA & I/O Expansion Hubs

Need more I/Os than are supported on your RTS chassis? Or need additional FPGAs for higher resolution device modelling?
OPAL-RT’s I/O expansion boxes allow the addition of more devices under test or communication networks required for a simulation environment.
Multiple expansion boxes can be added to increase the capabilities of a simulator, delivering the widest variety of test scenarios for different applications in different industries.

You can also create larger virtual networks of up to 16 simulators and make use of the I/Os on those hubs by connecting them via the HSL (High Speed Link) Hub using 5Gbps optical cables up to 100 metres long.

Device Under Test (DUT) I/O Connectivity Options

OPAL-RT provides a large range of 16 analogue and 32 port digital I/O cards, as well as other hardware accessories to allow any platform to be extensively customised.

Preconfigured Test Benches

OPAL-RT’s Test Benches are bundled platforms comprising PC software, real-time simulator hardware (chassis, I/O cards, etc) and specialised accessories
that allow engineers to address specific applications.

The MMC (Modular Multi-Level Converter) Test Bench (OP1200) enables rapid development of power electronics, drives and smart-grid applications.

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The BERTA Test bench is a portable solution for for speed governors, turbines, voltage regulators (AVRs) and power system stabilisers (PSS). It can also generate high speed/frequency signals for injection into speed governors for on-site tests in power plants.

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The Power Electronics (PE) Test Bench (OP1300) is dedicated to the hardware verification of new control algorithms and for developing future HVDC interconnections and FACTS applications.

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