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OPAL-RT Simulation Platforms & Options

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Platform Selection Made Easy

OPAL-RT's Real-Time Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation platforms are bundled solutions comprised of hardware and software.

ONE >>
Select a platform that addresses the frequency/time steps of the transient phenomena being simulated (from 1Hz/1 second to 100MHz/10ns) and the number of nodes in the network (up to 30,000 3 phase/90,000 single phase).

The chart below will help you quickly identify relevant platforms. Explore those four core platforms using the icons above.

TWO >>
Select simulator chassis and digital and/or analogue I/O cards based on the the number of physical devices connected for the simulations being run.

Click the HARDWARE OPTIONS icon above to see the simulator chassis options available.

Select software options, including specialty communications protocols, courseware, etc.

Click the SOFTWARE OPTIONS icon above to learn more.

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