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Simulation Software Components

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HYPERSIM lets users build powerful one-line network diagrams by leveraging a rich components library validated by Hydro-Québec (Canada) and RTE (France).

It is a recognised gold standard in the study of Electro-Mechanical Transients (phasor domain) phenomena as well as Electro-Magnetic Transients in grids of up to 3,000 3-phase busses.

HYPERSIM speeds model development by providing a library of benchmarked device models (ie verified by major power utilities, including Hydro-Quebec and RTE France).

It also allows users to import models created in Simulink or SimscapePowerSystems (SPS) to allow exploration of new devices and their behaviours.

For this reason, it is considered a Gold Standard by power utilities, and researchers investigating HVDC/MMCs (High Voltage Direct Current/Modular Multilevel Converters), FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems), SVCs (State Variable Controls) and Protection Relays (including standing wave studies).

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ScopeView is supplied bundled with HYPERSIM. It allows users to visualise simulation data and create informative charts, perform extensive and advanced calculations, and produce detailed PDF reports.

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TestView is an option that automates testing and analysis to quickly generate in-depth study reports in Excel or PDF format.

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RT-Lab is the 'open' modelling interface used for eMEGASIM, eFPGASIM and ePHASORSIM, which allow the study of Electro-Mechanical Transient phenomena as well as EMT in networks of up to 30,000 3-phase busses, or for the study of Power Electronics (Inverters, Converters, etc), Synchronous Machines, Electric Drives (PMSMs, BLDCs), etc.

It allows users to directly open models created in Simulink or SimscapePowerSystems (SPS) by dragging-and-dropping them into the RT-Lab environment. No matter how large and complex they are, RT-Lab automatically generates interactive real-time simulation applications that will run in the OPAL-RT HIL environment. For this reason, it has rapidly established itself as the preferred platform for research, because it allows users to rapidly mode to real-time modelling, rather than having to focus on creating models in a proprietary format.

For this reason, it is the preferred modelling solution of more than 300 universities around the world for applications such as Renewables and Microgrids.

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RT-Events is a Simulink toolbox for fixed-step simulations of hybrid systems involving dynamic and discrete events that are asynchronous with respect to the simulation clock. It allows the simulation of high frequency modulation signals of firing pulse units and power electronic controls.

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ARTEMiS is an option that allows users to utilise models created in MathWorks' SimPowerSystems (SPS) Toolbox into the fixed step-length computations required for high fidelity, high-performance, real-time simulations.

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ARTEMiS-SSN is an optional solver for microgrid, distribution systems and complex electric drive simulations. It provides fast and accurate real-time simulation without introducing artificial delays inherent in other solutions.

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eFPGASIM Modules >>

eHS Solver is a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to convert models created in SPS, PSIM, PLECS Blockset or Multisim into models for use in eFPGASIM without users needing any FPGA or VHDL programming expertise.

It is the solver designed specifically to study very fast phenomena in the 2ns to 2us time-step range.

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eFPGA Electric Machine model library firmware integrates power electronic converters and inverters who can be changed and edited via the OPAL-RT solver called eHS. The model contains decicated I/Os used in most of motors controls like PWMs, resolvers, encoders and hall effect sensors. All I/O can be reconfigured through RT-XSG.

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Communications Protocols

Optional communications modules emulate industry-standard protocols, enabling users to perform the most realistic real-time simulations possible for power grid, power electronics, automotive, marine and other systems. Discover a comprehensive list on the OPAL-RT website.

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Student Lab Courseware

OPAL-RT’s educational courseware is designed to support the teaching of power electronics at university undergraduate levels. Students can experiment and learn power electronics, such as converters, rectifiers, and inverters, including the control logic with HIL and RCP Tools commonly used in innovative power electronics industry research and development.

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