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OPAL-RT Real-Time Simulation Solutions

Powerful, Accurate FPGA/CPU Based Real-Time In-The-Loop Simulations

OPAL-RT provides real-time 'In-the-Loop' simulation solutions that help engineers better understand the behaviour of power electronics and power systems,covering software (SIL) and hardware (HIL, CHIL, PHIL) elements. Typical applications include:

  • Power System Simulations
  • Power Hardware Simulations
  • Power Network Protection and Control Simulations
  • Power Electronics Simulations
  • Microgrid Simulations
  • Battery Management System (BMS) Simulations
  • Cyber-Security Simulations
  • Energy Conversion Control (PV, wind, etc) Simulations
  • Hybrid and Electric Transportation Simulations
  • 'Virtual Vehicle' Simulations
  • Modular Multi-Level Converters (MMC) Simulations
  • HVDCs, STATCOMs, PMUs, etc Simulations
  • Sub-microsecond HIL Traveling-Wave Tests
  • Power Generators (turbines, etc) Simulations
  • Electric Drive Simulations

    Their software modelling environments are compatible with non-real-time tools you're already familiar, such as Simulink, Simscape Power Systems (SPS), PSS/E and PLECS, and let you create powerful, accurate real-time models for Software and Hardware-In-The-Loop simulations.

    Solutions for Rapid Control Prototyping & Power Systems & Power Electronics HIL

    • Hardware-In-the-Loop Solutions

    • Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop Solutions

    • Software-In-the-Loop Solutions

    • Rapid Control Prototyping Solutions

    Solutions for Research & Education

    • OPAL-RT University Bundles

    Multiple Application & Industry Sector Support


    While some simulation systems excel at one thing, OPAL-RT's modular, scalable platforms offer hardware and software options to adapt them to a wide range of applications, where they deliver benchmark performance in the following areas:

  • characterisation and compliance testing of grid hardware (inverters, switch gear, relays,MMCs, etc
  • in-field performance qualification of generators
  • design and development of control and power systems for automotive, marine and aircraft/aerospace applications
  • development of control algorithms for grid/microgrid connected devices (PV inverters, grid storage batteries, etc)
  • Industries

    From helping engineers design and evaluate new electric drive systems, new control electronics and smart grid solutions, OPAL-RT's capabilities are well regarded in these industry sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Ship Building
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
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