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Open, Scalable, Flexible Real-Time Simulation.

OPAL-RT provides real-time Hardware and Software 'In-the-Loop' simulation solutions that help engineers better understand the behaviour of power electronics and power systems; from automotive, to aerospace, to power management, generation, storage and transmission.

What sets their solutions apart is that they combine powerful FPGA-based simulator hardware with equally powerful PC applications that allow product or system models - whether created in OPAL-RT's proprietary HYPERSIM environment, or on industry-standard platforms such as PSS/E or Simulink - to help get engineers from concept to simulation faster, without the need to be expert software developers.

And because OPAL-RT's hardware is modular, one platform can be customised to meet application-specific requirements now and in the future.

Plus the platform you need can be expertly configured and factory verified before it's shipped to you; with expert trainers and support engineers able to help with installation, configuration, and even custom model generation. Better still, because OPAL-RT partners with so many of the world's major power electronics and power systems vendors, they've accumulated an impressive library of resources for teaching, research and industry clients.

Born in the Research Lab. Perfected in Industry.

Backed by nearly three decades of R&D by Quebec Hydro of Canada and honed to solve real-world problems in partnership with leading power groups in France and China and major enterprises such as Ford, GM, Tata Motors, ABB and NASA, today OPAL-RT is recognised around the world as providing benchmark solutions for a diverse range of real-time simulation applications.

No surprise that more than 300 universities around the world, including leading research and training institutions in Australia and New Zealand, have already moved or are evaluating OPAL-RT as their preferred real-time simulation solutions.

Their R&D capabilities are already helping Australian enterprises through Australia's largest "open access" real-time digital simulation facility, the RTS Lab at UNSW.

This tight collaboration between researchers and industry is a hallmark of the integrated problem-solving approach that continues to set OPAL-RT apart.

And with ECADtools as the local partner, you have a wider range of expertise to draw on than with any other real-time simulation solution available.

Multiple Application & Industry Sector Support


While some simulation systems excel at one thing, OPAL-RT's modular, scalable platforms offer hardware and software options to adapt them to a wide range of applications, where they deliver benchmark performance in the following areas:

  • Battery Management Systems
  • Cyber-Security for Power Networks
  • Energy Conversion Controls
  • Hybrid and Electric Transportation
  • Microgrids
  • Modular Multi-Level Converters (MMC)
  • Onboard Power Systems
  • Power System Controls
  • Protection Systems
  • Power Generation
  • Wide Area Network Protection and Control
  • Industries.

    From helping engineers design and evaluate new electric drive systems, new control electronics and smart grid solutions, OPAL-RT's capabilities are well regarded in these industry sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
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