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OrCAD for Students

Is there a free Student Edition?

Yes. And you can download it via the link below.

Just be aware that Lite has limitations compared to 'fully functional' licenced versions. You can read more about that here.

Is there a recommended textbook?

Yes. We sell copies of the best-selling book, 'Analog Design and Simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice', written by Dennis Fitzpatrick and spanning 344 pages and including exercises. The link below takes you to our PayPal site where you can order your copy.

Get the ultimate guide
to Capture & PSpice.
Includes exercises.
$90.20 (includes potsage)
  • Chapters include:
  • Creating a project and parts libraries
  • Learning about simulation parameters
  • Using the Model Editor to add or create a PSpice component model
  • Using AC analysis to calculate the frequency and phase response
  • Using DC analysis to calculate a bias point over a range of values
  • Using Stimulus Editor to define transient analog and digital sources
  • Sweeping a parameter through a range of values (parametric sweep)
  • Learning how to create analogue behavioural models
  • Learning how to avoid simulation failure due to design errors and missing/incorrect parameters
Worldwide best seller!

Includes standard mail anywhere in Australia & NZ

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