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OrCAD For Universities


Joining the Program

Simply buy or lease (or a mix of both options) a minimum of 20 licences of either 'Simulation' or 'Design + Simulation' (or a mix of both) and you qualify for university pricing, as per the schedule below.

It's that simple.

Licences can be shared amongst academic and teaching/support staff, lab PCs, research staff and even students.

Licences can be a mix of floating (served from Licence Server to users) or Fixed (locked to an individual PC's MAC address).

Terms of this offer

Program terms and conditions are simple:

  • licences may not be used for any purpose for which financial gain results (eg for paid consulting of design work).
  • the institution shall nominate a member of their staff as a 'Program Administrator', who will be their interface with ECADtools.
  • the institution shall nominate a member of their staff as a 'Tech Support' liaison (can be same as Program Administrator') to channel tech support queries to ECADtools.
  • training for institute teaching or support staff can be supplied as required, but may incur additional costs, depending on an institution's requirements.
  • ECADtools does not offer tech support to students.
  • Check below for additional conditions.

    OrCAD Uni Edition
    (prod code PO150E)
    $125 pa to rent

    Per seat, minimum 20 seats
    Retail value >$31,000 per seat
    • Bundle includes:
    • OrCAD 'Capture'
      (schematic entry)
    • OrCAD 'CIS'
      (component data library)
    • X

    • 'PSpice A/D'
      (mixed signal SPICE simulator)
    • 'PSpice AA'
      (Advanced Analysis)
    • PSpice 'SLPS' *
      (Simulink/PSpice co-simulation)
    • NEW PSpice Systems Option *
      (enhanced Simulink inter-operability)
    • X

    • 1 Year of software updates
    Or $410 to own

    Per seat, minimum 20 seats
    The ultimate guide to
    Capture & PSpice
    with exercises.

    The ideal study companion.
    22 chapters, each with exercises.
    • Chapters include:
    • Creating a project and parts libraries
    • Learning about simulation parameters
    • Using the Model Editor to add or create a PSpice component model
    • Using AC analysis to calculate the frequency and phase response
    • Using DC analysis to calculate a bias point over a range of values
    • Using Stimulus Editor to define transient analog and digital sources
    • Sweeping a parameter through a range of values (parametric sweep)
    • Learning how to create analogue behavioural models
    • Learning how to avoid simulation failure due to design errors and missing/incorrect parameters
    Bulk buy discounts apply

    Ideal for undergrad or postgrad students

    * SLPS and PSpice Systems Option require MATLAB 'Simulink' for 'co-simulation'. ECADtools does not sell Simulink.

    Analog Design textbook

    Prices shown:

  • are current as at January 1, 2017 but may be subject to change
  • include 10% Australian GST (GST does not apply to New Zealand customers)
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