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Cadence PCB Design & Simulation Solutions

Cadence's integrated design environment takes you from schematic capture, through circuit verification, to PCB layout, signal integrity analysis, and onto production documentation, component library management and beyond.

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The DesignTrue™ In-Design DFM Technology behind OrCAD and Allegro brings real-time fabrication checks into the layout process, to help spot errors before they get into production.

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With Cadence, you can start with the features you need, then upgrade your licence to unlock additional features. Only Cadence lets you start small and grow your design tool's features as you grow your business and the complexity of the designs you're working with.

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Solutions for Design, Layout, Simulation & Data/Document Management

  • Circuit & PCB Design
  • SPICE Simulation
  • PCB Signal Integrity Analysis
  • PCB Data Management

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  • Packages for Individuals & Enterprises

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