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Why OrCAD?

Fully Integrated Design & Simulation Flows

The OrCAD division of Cadence encompasses an extensive range of products for PCB design and optimisation. It encompasses the following ranges:

  • OrCAD - schematic entry, PCB layout and PCB data management (including DFM, DFA, DFF, etc) tools for SMEs and individuals
  • Allegro - enterprise-level schematic entry, PCB layout and PCB data management solutions; ideal for distributed design teams
  • PSpice - circuit SPICE simulation and design analysis tools
  • Sigrity - Signal & Power Integrity (SI/PI) simulation and design optimisation tools for pre- and post route PCB analysis

  • All products are fully inter-operable, with no need to convert/import/export files between discrete apps.

    Built on Allegro

    OrCAD is built on the same powerful 64-bit engine as its more powerful enterprise-level stablemate, Allegro. That means far greater stability and much faster processing, even for large, highly complex designs.

    And it's this superior processing engine that lets you add options such as advanced Signal and Power Integrity analysis tools, or advanced 'virtual prototyping' features such as PSpice Systems Option, and achieve even greater things without having to rely on non-integrated add-ons from third parties.

    Modular Packages, Flexible Pricing

    Cadence's modular pricing means you can buy the features you want, then add options as and when you need them, without having to buy 'all or nothing' bundles, as with other vendors. This pricing model means lower entry level pricing for top-end features. And as your organisation grows, your tool set can be expanded without losing investments in existing tools.

    Flexible Licence Options.

    With Cadence, you can rent OR buy the package you need. Imagine: buy the core tools you use all the time, then rent special features on an 'as need' basis.

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