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Special Offers on PCB & PSpice Bundles

PCB Designer
Get 55% OFF
Offer ends 31/12/2017
  • Powerful schematic entry, PCB place-and-route, 2D-3D interactive design, MCAD-ECAD integration & other productivity features combine to help speed PCB layout and identify design errors pre-production.
  • Save $2,355

  • Prod. code: PO3005
Now only $1,699

PCB Designer
Get 20% OFF
Offer ends 31/12/2017
  • Includes a more powerful Constraint Manager, PCB Editor enhancements optimised for rigid-flex designs, plus a signal explorer for running pre- and post-route analyses; plus all the features of PCB Designer Standard.
  • Save $1,955

  • Prod. code: PO3010
Now only $7,980

PSpice Designer
Get 70% OFF
Offer ends 31/12/2017
  • The most accurate, powerful mixed signal SPICE-based, circuit simulator available. Shipped with more than 35,000 free component behavioural models to get you from design to simulation even faster.
  • Save $6,350

  • Prod. code: PO1520
Now only $2,699

PSpice Designer
'Plus' Upgrade
Get 35% OFF
Offer ends 31/12/2017
  • Adds powerful design analysis and optimisation tools, including Sensitivity, Parametric, Smoke and Monte Carlo analyses. Explore 'what if' scenarios and resolve component selection choices faster and more accurately.
  • Save $1,484
    Upgrades PSpice Designer Std to Plus by adding AA features. Requires PSpice Std (PO1520) Licence
  • Prod. code: PO1540-UG1
Now only $2,715

Plus Great Deals on Value-Add Options

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The ultimate guide to
OrCAD Capture & PSpice!
Analog Design & Simulation textbook

  • With 22 chapters, each with exercises,
    this textbook shows OrCAD users how to:
    - Create projects and libraries
    - Create simulation models
    - Use the Model & Stimulus Editors
    - Use the Magnetic Designer tool
    - Avoid simulation failures
    Plus much, much more!
Includes 10% GST & Standard Shipping via Australia Post

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