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OrCAD Special Offers

These offers apply to fully owned (ie Perpetual, NOT leased) OrCAD software licences.
They are for Floating (ie locked to a server) or Fixed (locked to an individual PC) licences using either physical or virtual MAC addresses.
Secure dongle licences are also available (add $289 GST inclusive to licence price for Flexera FLEXnet dongle).

PCB Design Offers

  • Offer ends 30 March 2018
  • Powerful schematic entry, PCB place-and-route, 2D-3D interactive design, MCAD-ECAD integration (etc) combine to help speed PCB layout and identify design errors pre-production. Includes 1 year of software updates & support.
  • Save $2,355
  • Prod. code: PO3005
Now only $1,699
Includes GST

  • Valid to 31 December 2018
  • Renew annual software maintenance on OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (PO3005) and get software updates and phone/email support for one year. Includes up to 3 years amnesty on unpaid Maintenance periods.
  • Save $883
  • Prod. code: PO3005-M
Now only $629
Includes GST

  • Offer ends 30 March 2018
  • Upgrade PCB Designer Standard (PO3005) to Professional and get PCB Editor features optimised for rigid-flex designs, plus a signal explorer for running pre- and post-route analyses; plus 1 year of updates and support.
  • Save $3,689
  • Prod. code: PO3010UG-12
Now only $2,530
Includes GST

PSpice Simulation Offers

  • Offer ends 30 March 2018
  • The recognised gold standard in mixed signal (analogue + digital) SPICE analysis. Includes Model Editor, Magnetic Modeller (for designing motors), 35,000+ PSpice models - plus 1,000s more available online from most major vendors.
  • Save $6,350
  • Prod. code: PO1520
Now only $2,699
Includes GST

  • Valid to 31 December 2018
  • Add 'Advanced Analysis' features to PSpice A/D (analogue/digital) analysis. Includes Advanced Sensitivity, Advanced Monte Carlo Analysis (behaviour & yield), Smoke Analysis, Parametric Analysis, Optimizer and Device Interface.
  • Save $2,112
  • Prod. code: PO1520UG-1
Now only $2,112
Includes GST

  • 'Advanced Analysis' allows engineers to optimise part selection on circuits validated with PSpice A/D, using cost, performance, yield and other 'objectives' to guide BOM creation. Used by global leaders such as ResMed and Tata Motors.
  • Normally $13,283
  • Prod. code: PO1520 + PO1520UG-1
Now only $4,821
Includes GST