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OrCAD Panel Editor


OrCAD® Panel Editor is a PCB assembly (“array”) panel design tool that intelligently automates the panel definition and documentation process to produce simple or complex PCB assembly panels in a fraction of the time versus traditional manual methods. Developed with a highly intuitive style and use-model, OrCAD Panel Editor enables you to quickly design your panel and create the manufacturing drawings that drive fabrication and assembly.

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   PO5310 - OrCAD 'Panel Editor'

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An Introduction to OrCAD Panel Editor

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Product Highlights

Automatic Array Creation
Using imported, intelligent OrCAD PCB design data, automatically create panel arrays (step and repeat) of PCBs on a panel documentation drawing.

Streamline Drawing Creation
Quickly place top, bottom, drill pattern, or custom panel arrays on a drawing, as well as drill charts, note blocks, mill and V-score details.

Panel Awareness
Panel-level Drill and Coordinate charts are reflective of all the PCBs in a panel and define all components, hole sizes, locations, symbols, and quantities for the entire panel.

Design-driven Documentation
mport CAD data to drive the panel documentation creation process, while additional external content may be imported and incorporated in the drawings.

Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)
Perform fast engineering change orders (ECOs) by refreshing only the source CAD data, as all panel drawing elements remain linked to that source data.

Panel Wizards
Panel drawing detail wizards use existing PCB and NC milling data to automatically apply the NC milling to all the PCBs within the panel.

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    An Overview of Panel Editor

    Adding Mill, Drill & Frabrication Notes

    Creating A Panel Drawing

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