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'PCB Designer' - now with even more advanced 2D-3D visualisation

OrCAD's PCB Designer suites offer powerful place-and-route capabilities that will speed PCB layouts and help identify and correct layout issues that will affect signal and power integrity.

Built on the same 64-bit engine that powers Cadence's enterprise-level Allegro PCB design suites, it is the ONLY PCB editor with an integrated Constraints Manager that lets you define design objectives right from the schematic entry stage, and have those constraints dynamically referenced throughout the layout process to help speed designs, avoid errors and optimise outcomes.

Feature-filled Bundles at Affordable Prices

OrCAD PCB Designer is available in two versions, priced to meet your needs AND your budget:

  • PCB Designer 'Standard' (PO3005):
    powerful 2D-3D design canvas ideal for most projects; includes Capture
  • PCB Designer 'Professional' (PO3010):
    ideal for more highly constrained designs requiring complex, multi-layer, flex-solid PCBs; includes Capture and SigXplorer SI tool

  • Both bundles include OrCAD 'Capture' (schematic editor). Additionally, the 'Pro' bundle includes:

  • SPECCTRA for OrCAD - an advanced auto-router to speed up routing
  • SigXplorer - an integrated PCB post-route SI (signal integrity) tool

  • Advanced 2D-3D Design Canvas

    View and edit in 3D and immediately see the changes in 2D. Or import MCAD files and see collisions between PCBs and mechanical elements highlighted automatically.

    Integrated Signal Analysis Tools

    OrCAD leads in SI analysis tools, and PCB Explorer Pro includes a simple to use but powerful SI exploration tool called SigXplorer, that quickly identifies physical issues that will affect electrical performance, such as track separations causing excessive crosstalk.

    SigXplorer includes:

  • Signal Explorer (SE) - Provides an electrical topology view of the physical or logical interconnect and is the simulation cockpit for analysis of high-speed or critical nets. With Signal Explorer, you begin circuit exploration with various stripline and microstrip models (lossy or lossless), drivers and receivers, and devices. Imported circuit topology, either from OrCAD Capture or OrCAD PCB Editor, is also presented in this canvas for exploration and analysis.
  • SigWave - The SigWave canvas is the waveform viewer to display simulation results in multiple formats and modes. The oscilloscope mode allows the display of individual waveforms on and off, and provides markers for on-screen measurement.

  • Because these tools are integrated with PCB Designer Professional, signal analysis results can be fed back into pre-route or post-route workflows. These tightly integrated bi-directional workflows also mean you can create design constraints based on signal analyses.

    Optional Advanced Si Analysis

    You can also add 'PCB SI' for enhanced SI analysis. Like SigXplorer, PCB SI fully integrates with PCB Designer.

    Fast and Reliable

    If you've experienced frequent crashes and slow routing with other vendor's products, you'll really appreciate OrCAD's fast and stable 64-bit engine - the same engine that powers the Allegro enterprise-level design solution.

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