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'PSpice Designer' - Accurate, Fast, Powerful

PSpice is recognised around the world as the most accurate mixed signal, SPICE-based, circuit simulator.

That is evident by the fact that there are more than 35,000 free resistor, inductor, capacitor, bipolar transistor, transmission line, non-linear magnetic core, MOSFET, GaAsFET and IGBT models available from more vendors, than models in other SPICE formats.

That's 35,000+ models to get you from design to simulation faster. Plus there's a dedicated PSpice user forum to help with tricky simulation issues.

So what else does PSpice offer that's made it the acknowledged world-leading mixed signal simulation tool?

Greater Accuracy and Speed

PSpice's powerful simulation and analysis engine is proven to perform reliable, accurate simulations that more closely reflect real-world behaviour.

In Australia, PSpice's ability to accurately simulate analogue, digital and mixed signal circuits reliably, accurately and quickly is acknowledged in academia, with PSpice the preferred modelling tool for more than 1,200 Embedded Systems/Micro-Electronics Engineering students each year.

More Productivity Enhancement Features

PSpice provides more features for analysing more performance issues faster and in greater depth. These include:

  • CheckPoint Restart - lets you stop and restart a simulation, generate checkpoints at specified points in time, and restart from a specific checkpoint without having to start from scratch
  • Stimulus Editor - provides an interactive, graphical environment for defining and previewing circuit stimulus characteristics.
  • Magnetic Designer - allows magnetic design and modelling capabilities using commercially available cores, different wire types (eg litz and foils for high-frequency switching applications), and different insulator materials.

  • All this means faster simulations, fewer errors, less restarts arising from fault conditions due to model setup issues, and more features to let you dive deeper into results to analyse behaviours in greater detail.

    Superior Analysis

    Plus, PSpice is the ONLY SPICE tool with Advanced Analysis, which includes features such as:

  • Sensitivity Analysis - allows you to evaluate performance vs cost by analysing optional components
  • Design Optimizer - allows you to specify a design outcome while letting PSpice avaluate parts that will meet that outcome
  • Parametric Analysis - allows you to evaluate predictability
  • Smoke Analysis - allows you to evaluate reliability of different components and select optimal BOMs
  • Monte Carlo Analysis - allows you to evaluate manufacturing yield

  • Plus, PSpice is the only solution with tight integration with system level solutions such as MATLAB/Simulink, C/C++/SystemC and Verilog A-ADMS. That means you can create 'virtual prototypes' of complete products (including their mechanicals, hydraulics, etc), not just circuits and simulate and analyse far more complex aspects of far more complex designs.

    An Introduction to PSpice

    An Introduction to 'Advanced Analysis'

    An Introduction to PSpice/Simulink co-simulation

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