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PSpice 'Systems Option' - Unique Systems Level 'Virtual Prototyping'

PSpice Systems Option is a unique solution, developed in partnership with MathWorks, that allows engineers to create 'virtual product prototypes' that encompass a product's electronic, electrical and mechanical systems.

And while MathWorks is a linear modelling solution, meaning it doesn't deal with bi-directional data such as is required to model signal reflections, the addition of Systems Option allows PSpice blocks to be modelled in MATLAB/Simulink, and mathematical code from MATLAB to be modelled in PSpice.

By 'co-simulating' with MATLAB, anything with a motor or hydraulics or other systems that can't be modelled in SPICE, can be modelled using PSpice Systems Option and MATLAB to provide a detailed understanding of how environmental and mechanical issues impact on the performance of your electronics design.

So for the first time, engineers can simulate important characteristics such as electrical performance in different temperature gradients, or electronic systems performance under different vibrational regimes. In fact, anything that can be modelled in MATLAB/Simulink can now be integrated with a PSpice model.

PSpice Systems Option Technology Highlights

New PSpice Systems Option Plotting Capabilities

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PSpice Virtual Simulation

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