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FREE Reference Designs

12,000+ Arrow Reference Designs Online

OrCAD Capture users now have access to comprehensive online component and reference design data available through Arrow from within OrCAD Capture, so that you can deliver your innovative design to market faster with the right parts.

You can search for reference materials without leaving the OrCAD 'Capture' environment, then simply open a reference design inside 'Capture' without the need to jump in and out of the design environment.

The video the the right shows how.

OrCAD in the Cloud - Hosted by Arrow

OrCAD 'Capture Cloud' is a free web app provided in partnership with Arrow Electronics. This free app, which is a modified version of OrCAD's schematic entry app, 'Capture', lets you design circuits and select parts anytime, using a web browser. There's no software to load, nothing to pay. It's totally FREE!


Getting Reference Designs from Arrow:

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