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RT-LAB Simulation Software

Originally developed for the Canadian Space Agency, RT-LAB has revolutionised the world of systems engineering for two decades, and is now one of the preferred real-time modelling applications in university teaching and research labs.

RT-LAB is capable of executing very large Simulink® models, in parallel, with any I/O capability. It's unique in its ability to easily share the load over multiple CPUs, even between several simulator hubs connected via real-time communication links, or optional I/O expansion boxes (noting the I/Os are for HIL connectivity of physical devices or device emulators).

Its easy-to-use interface allows for drag-and-drop importation of 'offline' (ie non-real-time) models created in the following applications, and their conversion into interactive real-time models for use in the OPAL-RT RTS environment:

  • Simulink
  • Simscape Power Systems (SPS)
  • Simscape Power Systems Battery Model Blocks
  • Stateflow
  • PLECS, PSIM, NI Multisim and LabVIEW (requires eFPGASIM 'eHS Solver' option)
  • PSS/E, CYME, Power factory and FMI (requires ePHASORSIM option)

  • RT-LAB is ideal for the study of:

  • Power Electronics (Inverters, Converters, etc)
  • Synchronous Machines, Electric Drives (PMSMs, BLDCs), etc.
  • The behaviour of PV, wind, wave, etc as their penetration increases, and the effects of that penetration on a distribution network
  • The behaviour of devices, control systems, control algorithms AND the distribution grid of a closed system, where integration of different systems from different suppliers is important
  • Aircraft and ship based 'microgrids', comprised of generators, control systems, distribution networks, etc
  • The behaviour of digital inverters when coupled with PV or wind generators
  • The behaviour of large installations of PV systems (eg domestic solar) on connected grids
  • Testing and integration of EMS/SCADA systems, wide area protection and control schemes, training and power system studies (ePHASORSIM)

  • RT-LAB Value-Add Suites

    RT-Lab is at the heart of three simulation suites. These suites include optional user dashboards, solvers, model libraries and other tools for creating and running real-time model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop (whether control or power generation/distribution/safety hardware) simulations. The chart below shows network sizes, time steps and other variables that the different suites can address.

    * Variable according to the selected eHS series. Visit the eHS page for more information.

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