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RT-LAB Simulation Software


RT-LAB is real-time simulation software that enables engineers and scientists to accelerate the development and testing of new prototypes.

First developed 20 years ago for the Canadian Space Agency’s Canada Arm, RT-LAB has revolutionised the world of systems engineering since.

Fully integrated with MATLAB/Simulink®, RT-LAB offers an an easy-to-use interface that, with just a few clicks of the mouse, allows a Simulink® model to become a interactive real-time simulation application.

RT-LAB is capable of executing very large Simulink® models, in parallel, with any I/O capability. It's unique in its ability to easily share the load over multiple CPUs, even between several simulators with real-time communication links. Additional FPGA-based expansion boxes are also used to extend the connectivity with field equipment. With RT-LAB, users get a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible real-time platform, using only standard off-the-shelf technology.

The Linux-based real-time operating system incorporates OPAL-RT’s XHP technology for extreme high performance. Without compromising optimal parallel execution, the simulator’s computational cores are shielded from real-time glitches, for jitter in the nanosecond range. RT-LAB comes with an ultra-light backend that guarantees hard real-time constraints, high synchronization accuracy, minimal overhead, and maximal data throughput.

4 Steps to Real-Time Simulation

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