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OrCAD PCB SI’s simulation technology provides powerful analysis capabilities to help identify a wide array of signal quality issues, including:

  • signal reflections
  • signal frquency overshoot and undershoot
  • ringing
  • EMC (electromagnetic coupling)
  • signal delay, and more

  • PCB SI's engine includes a lossy, frequency-dependent transmission-line model that accurately predicts the distributed behavior of PCB traces up to several gigahertz. It also includes an integrated electrical field solver to determine the electrical characteristics of routed etches and creates electrical models of PCB vias.

    Pre- and post-layout flows between schematic design and physical layout with OrCAD PCB SI enable signal integrity exploration and analysis at any stage of the design cycle.

    Having identified signal performance or quality issues, the OrCAD PCB SI environment enables you to explore different what-if scenarios to determine the effects of different routing topologies, termination strategies, component values, and placement.

    An Introduction to OrCAD PCB SI

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    PO3400 - OrCAD 'PCB SI' (Signal Integrity)
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    An Introduction to PCB SI

    SI Analysis in PCB Designer Pro

    Topology Exploration

    Constraint Generation

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