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OrCAD PCB SI provides an integrated analysis environment that delivers powerful simulation technology to help find and address signal integrity (SI) issues throughout the design process. From circuit design in the schematic development phase, to component placement and routing at the PCB design phase, SI enables pre- and post-layout topology exploration, signal analysis and validation. The outcome is the ability to increase circuit reliability and drive known 'good interconnect' requirements throughout the PCB design flow in order to reduce re-spins.

SI is comprised of two primary environments, as follows.

Signal Explorer

Signal Explorer provides an electrical topology view of the physical or logical interconnect and is the simulation cockpit for analysis of high-speed or critical nets. With Signal Explorer, you begin circuit exploration with various stripline and microstrip models (lossy or lossless), drivers and receivers, and devices. Imported circuit topology, either from OrCAD Capture or OrCAD PCB Editor, is also presented in this canvas for exploration and analysis.


The SigWave canvas is the waveform viewer to display simulation results in multiple formats and modes. The oscilloscope mode allows the display of individual waveforms on and off, and provides markers for on-screen measurement.

An Introduction to OrCAD PCB SI

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PO3400 - OrCAD 'SI' (Signal Integrity)
(Comes bundled with PCB Designer Standard/Pro)

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Download the OrCAD PCB SI datasheet here.

Product Highlights

Global Access
Wherever your teams are, the CIP cloud-enabled portal is accessible wherever users have internet access.

Custom Rules
Build rules for both description field and part type field in OrCAD CIP.

Access Supplier Databases
Manages manufacturer and distributor databases and directly access parts in Capture.

Customisable Parts Lists
Import your own parts data into the OrCAD CIP data infrastructure.

Permissions Management
Manage roles and permissions for users in the OrCAD CIP from anywhere.

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    An Introduction to PCB SI

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