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User Guides & Tutorials

Quick Start Guides

A short guide to installing and activating licensed (paid) software. Includes screenshots to guide you through the process.

If you're new to OrCAD's PCB design, simulation and layout suite, this 4-page overview will familiarise you with the OrCAD product suites.

This 3-page guide covers the core apps you need to undertake circuit design, simulation and PCB layout using OrCAD. Applies to both Lite and licenced products.

This 5-page guide guide covers the basics of creating a project file, starting a design schematic, placing and connecting parts, and modifying part values (eg voltages, etc) ready for simulation.

This guide covers the key steps required in creating a simulation profile, modifying part and simulation parameters, and running the simulation.

A list of shortcut keys.

Video Tutorials

If you're new to OrCAD PCB Designer, this free 1hr 4min on-demand video covers the basics of creating schematics, selecting components and laying out PCBs.

How-To Videos

From our friends at Parallel Systems UK, a library of roughly 200 short videos covering a raft of key product features and how to use them.

From our friends at EMA Design Automation in the US, a library of more than 200 short videos covering even more useful tips and tricks.

The Pspice Community includes a library of more than 50 overview videos as well as on-demand webinars covering every aspect of PSpice's mixed signal simulation, advanced analysis and Simulink® co-simulation capabilities.

User Manuals

Full user guide to installing licence files and debugging issues under Windows OS.

Full user guide to OrCAD's schematic entry app.

Full user guide to OrCAD's PCB component information management app.

Full user guide to OrCAD's mixed signal SPICE simulator.

Full user guide to OrCAD's advanced simulation analysis suite.

Full user guide to OrCAD's Simulink/Pspice 'co-simulation' interface.

Full user guide to OrCAD's MATLAB bi-directional data exchange interface.

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