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What's New:

17.2 QIR6 Release is here

17.2 QIR (Quarterly Interim Release) 6 brings more power to the schematic editor function, including the addition of a new symbol editor.

Visit the OrCAD website to discover more.

What's New:

17.2 QIR5 Release is here

17.2 Quarterly Interim Release brings more power, more features and ease of use enhancements designed to support collaborative design of complex systems.

Visit the OrCAD website to discover more.

New Product:

Ultra Librarian for OrCAD

Ultra Librarian is a cloud-based library of over 12 million electronic components that lets you search, preview and place components quickly without leaving the native OrCAD design environment

Because the library is managed for you, it eliminates the need to manually build and maintain a component database, including part icons, footprints, etc, saving time and helping eliminating errors.

Download the Ultra Librarian datasheet.

Download the "Ten Rules for Implementing a Data Management Environment" presentation.

What's new in QIR4 (Sept 2017) Update:

Flex-solid design enhancements

OrCAD 17.2 release is now available and includes major new PCB design features such as:

  • DesignTrue In-Design DFM Technology - now perform fabrication checks via the constraint manager
  • DRC Browser tool - now locate and review DRCs (Design Rule Checks) from inside PCB Editor
  • Enhanced Interactive3D Canvas for Rigid-Flex designs - view even complex folds, check for collisions and perform spacing measurements
  • Seamless MCAD-ECAD Collaboration - integrate mechanical and PCB design flows via the new IDX based repository, which allows any IDX based MCAD model to be imported into OrCAD PCB Editor
  • New PCB Routing features - optimize spacings and component placements to improve yields and PCB performance
  • General productivity enhancements - dynamic ratsnest updates, dynamic snap-to-guide and more

  • Learn more on the OrCAD website

    What's new in QIR4 (Sept 2017) Update:

    OrCAD-SOLIDWORKS Integration

    Learn how OrCAD and SOLIDWORKS integrate to enhance efficiencies, with new features such as linking of the apps allowing for notifications when associated ECAD or MCAD files have been changed.

    What's new in QIR3 (June 2017) Update:

    PSpice 'Advanced Analysis' enhancements

    The new enhancements in PSpice Advanced Analysis (AA) allow users to run PSpice AA on existing designs without the need to update any parts/models of the design as well as many more functional enhancements. The videos included in this resource will go over the upgrades in more detail.

    Upgrades include:

  • Assign global tolerance on device/model parameters
  • Assign global tolerance on global variables
  • Assign global tolerance on Voltage and Current sources
  • Assign global tolerance on sub circuit parameter
  • Models downloaded from web can be readily used in Advanced Analysis flows
  • Enhancements in PSpiceAA GUI

  • What's new in QIR3 (June 2017) Update:

    Enhanced 'PCB Designer' 3D Canvas

    new functionalities into our Interactive 3D Canvas. New features in 17.2 QIR3 release include:

  • 3D to 2D move command
  • Zone-aware 3D
  • 3D collision detection
  • Cross-probing 3D view to 2D canvas

  • What's new in QIR3 (June 2017) Update:

    PSpice-MATLAB Visualisation Interface

    The powerful waveform analysis capability of PSpice gets another boost by enabling simulation results exporting to MATLAB. Now PSpice users have complete and seamless access to MATLAB plotting capabilities, can view PSpice simulation results in MATLAB, and can customize waveform processing on export.

    New Product:

    OrCAD 'Capture Cloud'

    OrCAD® Capture Cloud gives you access to a reduced-functionality version of OrCAD's schematic entry application on any computer with a web browser - and that includes iOS and Android devices. There is nothing to install and nothing to configure.

    So if you want to experience the convenience of creating schematics anywhere, anytime, just fire up your browser and login to to get access to 'Capture Cloud' and Arrow Electronics' symbol and component libraries - all FREE.

    And your data is secure because the OrCAD-Arrow environment uses VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), not Public Cloud infrastructure.

    What's new in QIR3 (June 2017) Update:

    PSpice & Simulink Co-simulation enhancements

    The integration of Cadence PSpice® with MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® provides a complete system-level simulation solution for PCB design and implementation. Customers can now utilise PSpice for analogue/mixed-signal simulation and perform MATLAB/Simulink behavioural-level modelling, analysis, and visualisation in a single, integrated system design and debug environment, improving productivity and accelerating time to market.

    The new option, called 'PSpice System Option' (product code PO4500), is now available.

    Users with SLPS can upgrade to the new bi-directional 'PSpice System Option' package by ordering product code PO4500UG2.

    New Product:

    FREE XJTAG DFT Assistant plug-in for OrCAD 'Capture'

    The new XJTAG® DFT Assistant for OrCAD® Capture software plugin allows design engineers to identify and correct potential JTAG testability problems early in the design cycle. Because many IC packages are inaccessible for testing using physical probes, failure to provide JTAG test access to these chips could result in a board re-spin and an expensive project delay.

    Visit the XJTAG website to discover more and download the free 'Design For test' (DFT) plugin.

    What's new in QIR1 Update:

    HTML Viewer for 'Capture' schematics

    From OrCAD Capture 17.2 QIR #1, you can now export your schematic design to a single HTML file, and view your design in any web browser (Google Chrome recommended). With this new feature, sharing your design with your team members or external design chain partners is easier than ever before.

    graphical design viewer

    What's new in QIR1 Update:

    Interactive 3D Canvas for OrCAD 'PCB Designer'

    The new 3D canvas brings a high quality 3D visualization engine to help you design your PCB board with great accuracy and confidence. Key features are:

  • Layer and symbol visibility controls
  • Ability to eliminate unnecessary ECAD/MCAD iterations with 3D collision detection
  • Cross probing 3D view to 2D canvas
  • Ability to empower your flex PCB designs with Bend Editor

  • What's new in QIR1 Update:

    Enhanced Padstack Editor

    Introducing OrCAD's updated user interface for convenient padstack creation. Includes addition of new geometries and support for counter-bore/counter-sink definitions and several new drill features.

    What's new in 17.2.001 (April 2016) Release

    Productivity enhancements features in OrCAD Capture provide overall productivity increases for schematic designers.

  • Export design differences into MS Excel format to quickly analyze large numbers of differences
  • Updated and flow-wise property spreadsheet filters
  • Configure library and Place part function from CIS Part Browser directly

  • What's New in 17.2?

    Enhanced Schematic Entry

  • Design Difference Viewer
  • Open Demo Design
  • Export-import XML
  • Export PDF
  • Extended preferences setup
  • ISCF export
    Discover OrCAD Capture >>

    Enhanced Simulation & Analysis

  • Virtual prototyping
  • 64-Bit Simulation Engine and Result Analysis
  • New functions for behavioural models
  • New PSpice models
  • Support for TCL 8.6
    Discover OrCAD 'PSpice Designer Suite' >>
  • Enhanced PCB Layout

  • Rigid flex
  • Cross section editor
  • Layer set based DRC and routing
  • New padstack editor
  • Shape edit application mode
  • Colour and visibility enhancements
  • 64 Bit Support
  • Display segment over voids
  • Spread line between voids
  • Via2Via line fattening
  • Contour routing
  • Group routing
  • Gloss commands
  • Differential pair routing and DRC
  • Layer set DRC and routing
  • Interactive 3D Canvas with 3D collission detection
    Discover OrCAD 'PCB Designer Suite' >>

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