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EFPGASIM FPGA-based Electrical Solver.

The eFPGASIM 'eHS' - or 'electrical Hardware Simulation' - solver creates custom FPGA code to simulate electrical circuit and switch models on the FPGA at very high fidelity.

eHS generates real-time code from non-real-time models created in tools such as PSIM, PLECS Blockset or NI Multisim, without having to manually generate the FPGA bitstream and hence have FPGA or VHDL programming expertise.

Higher resolution simulations for power electronics in 3 simple steps

Once models are imported and converted, the eHS Solver automatically programs the simulator chassis' FPGA to address higher resolution simulations in the 2ns - 2us time-step range, without users needing any FPGA or VHDL programming expertise.

eHS then lets you run test sequences and make on-the-fly changes to simulation parameters quickly and easily by using the 'Test Scenario' feature.
eHS allows test engineers to jump from one set of component values to the next without stopping a simulation.

The eHS Solver is available in a number of variants optimised for the FPGAs in different simulator chassis.

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