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HYPERSIM: Developed by the power industry for the power industry

HYPERSIM is the result of over 25 years of collaboration between OPAL-RT, Hydro-Quebec's IREQ Lab, RTE (Réseau de Transport de Electricite, France's largest grid operator), and CEPRI (China Electric Power Research Institute, which is China's largest power systems research lab).

It is a model development app and real-time simulation environment in one that:

  • allows engineers to quickly create power systems models using both real-world-verified component models from the HYPERSIM library, as well as their own network, device and even electronics models.
  • can be run on the simulation computer in real-time, or on a desktop PC (without HIL) in non-real-time for model development and verification
  • integrates with eHS - OPAL-RT's powerful electronics real-time simulation tool - and
  • CPS - the world's only real-time cyber-physical simulation solution, developed by Scalable Networks.
  • supports very large grid models of up to 9,000 3P buses
  • is also available as a cloud-based subscription service that allows real-time simulations without HIL for research and development projects of any size and duration

  • See what's new in HYPERSIM 2019 release.

    1 - Select OPTIONAL Solvers, Utilities & Libraries

    ScopeView enables users to more quickly create custom templates to consolidate data, compare results and repeat tests. Optimised for power systems workflows, it behaves like a virtual oscilloscope and spectral analyser. It also allows data import/export in a variety of formats (MATLAB, CSV, COMTRADE, etc).

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    TestView executes automated post-simulation statistical, random and Monte Carlo analyses and enables exchanges of data with third-party software formats.

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    The eFPGASIM suite of solvers and libraries adds powerful real-time Power Electronics simulation capabilities to HYPERSIM. See details of the eFPGASIM suite below.

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    HYPERSIM On Demand is a powerful, Amazon Cloud based pay-as-you-go simulation service. It delivers high-end capability to supplement in-house OPAL-RT platforms - or use it when you need a powerful grid simulation tool but don't have in-house RTS capability. Note: HYPERSIM Cloud excludes HIL connectivity.

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    2 - Select OPTIONAL IP-Based (Ethernet) Communications Protocols

    Optional communications modules emulate industry-standard protocols, enabling users to perform
    the most realistic real-time simulations possible for power grid, power electronics, automotive, marine and other systems
    See the comprehensive list available on the OPAL-RT website.

    3 - Select OPTIONAL Student Interactive Courseware Modules

    OPAL-RT’s educational courseware is designed to support the teaching of power electronics at university undergraduate levels. Students can experiment and learn power electronics, such as converters, rectifiers, and inverters, including the control logic with HIL and RCP Tools commonly used in innovative power electronics industry research and development.

    OPAL-RT’s exclusive partnership with NI (National Instruments) also adds considerable value to student learning environments.

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