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Free Software

OrCAD 'Lite' FREE Software

OrCAD produces a 'Lite' version of PCB Designer (including PSpice) and PSpice Designer, which have all the features but limited functionality within each (eg, cannot be used with larger, more complex designs, will only support limited Monte Carlo analyses, etc)), go to our DOWNLOADS page for a link to the OrCAD US site.

GO TO DOWNLOADS page to request a copy of OrCAD 'Lite'

Time Based evaluation licences

Want to try the fully functional version before you buy?

CONTACT US to learn how to get an evaluation copy.

Software Download Centre

New Software Installations

If you're installing OrCAD 17.2 product for THE FIRST TIME:

  • Download the Quick Installation Guide here.
  • Then, download and install the 17.2 Base Media from the Cadence Online Support (COS) download site: You will need you COS login to access it. If you've forgotten it, contact us.
  • Once you have downloaded the Base Media, double-clicking the auto-install file will launch the Installation Wizard. Simply follow the procedure as explained in the Quick Installation Guide.
  • Once installed, download and install the latest HOTFIX as per the Installation guide instructions.

  • The Licence Manager is installed when you install the Base Media. Once you have installed your media files, run the Licence Manager from the Installation Wizard.

    Alternately, you can load the Licence Manager by downloading the Licence Manager executable file (#2 below) and following the prompts.

    To activate your product:

  • If your licence is locked to a PC, run the Licence Manager on that PC.
  • If your licence is floating (ie served across a network), then:
    - on the Server, run the Licence Server Configuration Utility
      (Windows: START/Cadence/Licence Manager/Licence Server Configuration Utility)
    - on the user PC/s, run the Licence Client Configuration Utility
      (Windows: START/Cadence/Licence Manager/Licence Client Configuration Utility)

  • Software Updates for Existing Customers

    If you're an existing customer with product under maintenance (ie you have a current annual software update and support service), run the cadence Download Manager to search for uninstalled updates.

    Either locate and run from your START menu, or search for an run 'Downloadmanager.exe'

    When loaded, select INTERNET as file source. Then select features you have under maintenance and click DOWNLOAD (if you wish to install later) or INSTALL to download and install immediately.

    User Guides & Troubleshooting

    For detailed troubleshooting tips, download the full 98 page Cadence Software Installation Guide.

    For manuals, etc, you can explore the User Guides section, which contains the most commonly used resources.

    Alternately, download the Cadence Help Utility (#3 above), which lets you search for user manuals, video tutorials, online on the Cadence website. This utility is auto-installed when you install the Base Media though can be installed as a stand-alone utility if desired.

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