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OP1200 Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) test bench.

The OP1200 lab-scale Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Test Bench is dedicated to the hardware verification of new control algorithms and for developing future HVDC interconnections.

The Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) system offers many advantages over conventional voltage source converters and in DC power transmission, micro grid or renewable energy applications. MMC’s distinctive topology provides a wide variety of new features, necessitating the use of a sophisticated controller for extra control requirements.

Over the course of two decades, OPAL-RT has grown into a major real-time solution provider for testing and validating new MMC’s sophisticated controls within an HIL platform. OPAL-RT provides Rapid Control Prototyping technologies to help engineers develop and test new MMC control algorithms, enhancing technological solutions through the provision of MMC lab scale test benches.

The converter is ready to be connected to the power amplifier or to the electrical network and allows you to concentrate your efforts on innovation, not construction! This modular, but turnkey approach, lets you perform rapid control prototyping (RCP) of novel power electronics converters on actual hardware, making it perfect for:

  • High voltage DC (HVDC) converters
  • Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)
  • Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM)
  • Solid State Transformers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Multilevel Matrix Converters

  • The OP1200 can also be used as a four (4) quadrant amplifier for PHIL (Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop) applications such as a motor emulator or power grid emulator, as a means of implementing a full micro-grid analogue test bench.

    Modular, Flexible, and Configurable

    The OP1200 system chassis accepts ten (10) H-Bridge sub-module switches that support full and half-arm configurations. By directly wiring cells and submodules together, users can form new HVDC and FACTS topologies and investigate behaviours with greater flexibility. Submodules are also equipped with a filter interfaces (common and differential modes), protection (thyristors) and (optional) IGBT switches (for AC topology exploration).


    Simply specify the desired converter type, the topology, the number of power levels, the DC Voltage, the frequency and the output power, and we will configure the Test Bench and deliver it to your door, ready to use.

    By interfacing the converter with the OP4510 simulator hardware via its 6-port optical link expansion board, users can prototype new control algorithms, drive amplifiers emulating the behavior of a real power systems network, send firing commands and receive measurements (such as cell DC voltages and half arm currents) in real-time. The OP4510 is also compatible with RT-LAB, MATLAB, Simulink, HYPERSIM, RTW, and Xilinx System Generator.

    Easy-to-Use Courseware

    The OP1200 comes with built-in models designed for use in an educational environment. Using the complete software simulation environment comprised of RT-LAB MATLAB/Simulink® and XILINX System Generator, this turnkey test bench is safe, easy-to-use and ideal for teaching, as well as for research and development of Modular Multilevel Converter systems.

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