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OPAL-RT Real-Time Simulation Hardware

  • Powerful combination of Intel XEON Multi-core CPUs + XILINX FPGAs for unparalleed real-time HIL simulation
  • From 2 to 32 CPU cores for the ultimate in parallel-processing and co-simulation of real-time models
  • Modular chassis with up to 256 analogue and digital I/Os on-board
  • Optional I/O and FPGA expansion chassis for larger HIL studies
  • Optional multi-simulator inter-connectivity for massive 'virtual simulator' requirements
  • Highly competitively priced Academic Bundles for universities
  • Research-grade platforms for the most demanding Power Systems, Autonomous Vehicle & Cyber-Physical Security real-time simulations

  • 1 - Select your Real-time Simulator

    From 2 to 32 CPU cores. Up to 256 I/Os. Best-in-class CPUs and FPGAs for super-fast, super accurate real-time simulation.

    2 - Select OPTIONAL Analogue or Digital I/Os

    OPAL-RT simulator I/Os for HIL simulation are module, meaning you can select the I/Os you need, or replace I/Os in the future as needs change.

    Clikc the image to discover the large range of optional I/Os, signal conditioners and other accessories for your OPAL-RT simulator.

    3 - Select OPTIONAL FPGA & I/O Expansion Hubs

    Need more I/Os than are supported on your RTS chassis? Or need additional FPGAs for higher resolution device modelling?
    OPAL-RT’s I/O expansion boxes allow the addition of more devices under test or communication networks required for a simulation environment.
    Multiple expansion boxes can be added to increase the capabilities of a simulator, delivering the widest variety of test scenarios for different applications in different industries.

    You can also create larger virtual networks of up to 16 simulators using the MuSE (Multi-Simulator Expansion) optical fibre interconnectivity solution. Connect over optical links of up to 150 metres (LAN) or longer (WLAN - depending on RX/TX latency).

    4 - Or opt for PRECONFIGURED Test Benches

    OPAL-RT’s Test Benches are bundled platforms comprising PC software, real-time simulator hardware (chassis, I/O cards, etc) and specialised accessories
    that allow engineers to address specific applications.

    The MMC (Modular Multi-Level Converter) Test Bench (OP1200) enables rapid development of power electronics, drives and smart-grid applications.

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    The BERTA Test bench is a portable solution for for speed governors, turbines, voltage regulators (AVRs) and power system stabilisers (PSS). It can also generate high speed/frequency signals for injection into speed governors for on-site tests in power plants.

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    The Power Electronics (PE) Test Bench (OP1300) is dedicated to the hardware verification of new control algorithms and for developing future HVDC interconnections and FACTS applications.

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