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OPAL-RT Real-Time Simulation Solutions

OPAL-RT's real-time HIL simulation solutions provide powerful, scalable solutions for Mechatronics, Power Electronics and Power Systems applications across a range of technology and industry sectors.

And because their modular, scalable simulator hardware solutions support a range of simulation software tools, they offer the most flexible RTS solution available, as well as superior value and performance propositions, compard to other RTS system vendors.

Universities love OPAL-RT's RT-LAB platform because academics and students alike can utilise their existing Simulink skills and libraries to move quickly and with confidence into the world of Real-Time, Hardware-In-The-Loop simulation using tools validated by nearly 500 universities around the world.

Power Utilities love OPAL-RT's HYPERSIM platform because its powerful single line model editor can simulate T&D grids of 1000s of buses using device models developed and proven by some of the world's largest power research institutes, including Hydro-Quebec's IREQ Lab, as well as CEPRI (China) and RTE (France).

Ideal for:

  • Teaching and Research
  • New Product Development
  • Hardware and Software Prototyping & Validation
  • Mechatronics, Power Electronics, Power Systems & Hetereogeneous systems real-time simulation
  • Power Protection and Control (Relays, PMUs, WAMPACs, Control Algorithms)
  • Generators & Sync/Asyn Electric Drives
  • Cyber-Physical Security (Grids + ICT Control Networks)
  • Smart & Autonomous Vehicle Systems
  • More-Electric/All-Electric Transport (Terrestrial, Aviation, Aerospace, Maritime)

From concept validation to real-world verification:

  • Rapid Control Prototyping

    Develop, test and validate your control models
    BEFORE investing time and money in
    developing code based on them.

  • Software/Model-In-the-Loop

    Bring your compiled code into simulations
    to validate and refine before proceeding
    to the development of physical prototypes.

  • Hardware-In-the-Loop

    Also called Control-Hardware-In-the-Loop (CHIL),
    HIL lets you test real devices in virtual
    'real-world' based scenarios.

  • Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop

    Add power amplifiers to work with the higher
    voltages required for real power devices such
    as generators, motors and protection relays.

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