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OrCAD PCB Designer Bundles

OrCAD PCB Designer 'Standard'
Prod. code: PO3005

PCB Designer 'Standard' is OrCAD's entry level, professional-grade product. It features powerful place-and-route capabilities, 2D-3D interactive design, MCAD-ECAD integration & other productivity features to help speed PCB layout and identify and correct layout signal and power integrity issues.

Designs created in PCB Standard are compatible with PCB Designer Pro and Allegro PCB Designer.

OrCAD PCB Designer 'Professional'
Prod. code: PO3010

PCB Designer 'Professional' adds a more powerful Constraint Manager, PCB Editor enhancements optimised for rigid-flex designs, plus a signal explorer for running pre- and post-route analyses; plus all the features of PCB Designer Standard.

Ideal for multi-layer or miniaturised designs, as well as FPGA design. Compatible with PCB Designer Std and Allegro PCB Designer.

PCB Designer
Prod. code: PA3100

Allegro PCB Designer is Cadence's flagship enterprise solution. It features a concurrent design capability for distributed design groups, along with heads-ups guides for length and timing.

Ideal for the most complex designs, with high-speed and miniaturised design add-ons to deliver enhanced capabilities. Compatible with PCB Designer Std & Pro.

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