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Program Overview

The Need

Adding value to academic programs is of interest to every university. Competition is tough, so delivering world-class programs using world-class teaching tools is of paramount importance.

No surprise then that in Australia and New Zealand, academic staff and students alike are increasingly turning to OrCAD EDA and PSpice simulation tools because of the integrated 'design + simulation' capabilities they provide; with one desktop environment providing a comprehensive and powerful workspace that for schematic entry, circuit simulation, PCB layout and design optimisation.

Indeed, in 2016, more than 1,100 students in Australia and New Zealand downloaded OrCAD 'Lite'; more than double the number of downloads in 2015.

But with with capex budgets tight, many institutions are reluctant to purchase new software packages, with many forced to use free apps with limited functionality because professional grade packages are simply beyond their means.

The Solution

To deliver the best educational experience, you need the best tools. So to deliver the best tools at affordable prices, in October 2016, we negotiated packages exclusively for Australian and New Zealand institutions to make OrCAD affordable for everyone.

With a minimum of 20 licences required to qualify for Au/NZ Education Program pricing - which equates to as little as $2,500 (GST and one year of software updates included) - we've put world-class design and simulation software within reach of every university, college and TAFE on either side of the Tasman.

And with students of participating institutions now able to rent their own personal copy of these fully featured packages for less than 35 cents per day, you start to appreciate that this is a program everyone can take advantage of.

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