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OrCAD PSpice Designer Bundles

PSpice A/D is the industry's most accurate and powerful mixed signal SPICE-based circuit simulator. Supported by more component vendors, all PSpice bundles include 35,000+ component behavioural models to get you from design to simulation faster.

The bundle including this tool is PSpice Designer 'Standard'. It includes 'Capture' schematic editor.

PSpice AA adds powerful design analysis and optimisation tools, including Sensitivity, Parametric, Smoke and Monte Carlo analyses. Explore 'what if' scenarios and resolve component selection choices faster and more accurately.

The bundle including this tool, as well as PSpice A/D (required for AA tools to function) is PSpice Designer 'Plus'.

PSpice Designer 'Standard'
Prod. code: PO1520

PSpice Designer 'Plus'
Prod. code: PO1540

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