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Real-Time Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) simulation represents a natural extension of HIL, in which the real-time simulation environment is capable of exchanging not just low-voltage, low-current signals, but the power required by the Devices under Test (DUT). To bridge this gap, power amplifiers are inserted between DUTs rated for higher power and the low-level simulator I/Os, all while providing the necessary feedback to properly close the loop. Power amplifiers are selected for user applications based on their closed-loop performance and ability to generate and absorb power.

While HIL and closed-loop testing provide many benefits, PHIL also allows the simulation of higher power flows between DUTs, as well as with the simulated electric circuit running on the simulator. This capability enables engineers to test multiple systems, including power converters, generators, motor and PV load, while also benefiting from high-fidelity simulation that provides greater flexibility and safety than typical analog benches and dynamometers.

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