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Whitepapers & Application Notes


The Cadence® PSpice® A/D release 17.2-2016 offers a comprehensive feature set to address design challenges in IoT sensors, controllers, and actuators. With system simulation and modeling technology that enables a unified design environment for mixed-signal design, PSpice A/D can help you deliver a high-quality product within your time-to-market window.

DFM - or Design For Manufacture - which encompasses DFF (Design for Fabrication) and DFA (Design for Assembly) principles, is the process of arranging a PCB layout topology to mitigate fabrication and assembly problems. This paper addresses the growing importance of DFM.

Application Notes

This document helps users maximise the performance of PSpice, as well as resolve common user issues. It contains Tips, How To’s and examples of how to utilise some of PSpice's more powerful features.

This document describes step by step process for creating a new plot window template in PSpice. User can then use this plot window template across the design. This is a very efficient way to create complete plot setting and reuse across the design. This can save a number of clicks for user.

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