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OPAL-RT Whitepapers & Presentations

  • Large Scale Grids
  • Micro Grids
  • Renewables
  • Cybersecurity
  • Generators
  • Electric Drives
  • Conversion & Storage


The What, Where and Why of Real-Time Simulation

Jean Bélanger | CEO, CTO and Co-founder, OPAL-RT
and P Venne & JN Paquin | IEEE Members

An introduction to the role of real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation and its benefits. Reviews the evolution of real-time simulators and highlights the importance of model validation, and the integration of real-time and offline simulations.

Power Systems

Wide Area Power Grids

Including Travelling Wave (TW), HVDC/FACTS, Control & Protection Systems (CPS), MMCs, etc

Hydro-Quebec Experiences Using Control System Replicas interfaced With HYPERSiM Real-Time Simulators

Alpha Oumar Barry | Power Systems & Maths Depatment, IREQ | Hydro-Québec, Canada

A review of Hydro-Quebec's use of HYPERSIM in recent HVDC/FACTS upgrade projects, detailing the use of replicas interfaced to real-time simulators.

Innovating in an IoT, IoP World (Digital Grid)

Greg Farthing | Vice-President Strategic Initiatives & Innovation Power Grids Division | ABB Canada

Reviews ABB's use of real-time HIL simulation to develop IoT/IoP enabled battery storage, digital substation and microgrid controller solutions.

Power Hardware-in-the-Loop and the KIT Energy Smart Home Lab Environment

Sebastian Hubschneider | Research Associate | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

A review of the power hardware-in-the-loop simulations of smart residential automation, metering, sensor, appliance, generation and hybrid energy storage systems research.​

Status of Energy Lab 2.0 and overview of PHIL activities

Joern Geisbuesch | KIT Energy Lab 2.0 and the PHIL Group @ ITEP/KIT

An overview of research into decentralised renewable energy generation and new power systems technologies.

Line Protection at the Speed of Light

Armando Guzmán, PhD | Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Insights into issues relating to identifying and locating faults on overhead transmission lines caused by traveling waves (TWs).

HIL-Grid Model on Opal-RT for testing future Grid Control Centers

Eric Glende | Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

Reviews the impact of the increasing contributions of renewable energy sources in the German power system of Germany as the contribution of nuclear diminishes, which in turn is driving the need for solutions to maintain system stability. This presentation reviews a new concept of grid control centres using dynamic electrical grid models and integrated HVDC hardware models.

This presentation reviews experiences using OPAL-RT RTS solutions on the French transmission grid.

New Travelling Wave Fault Location at SEL and the Need for Advanced HIL Solutions

Armando Guzmán, PhD | Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Reviews the use of real-time HIL simulation to develop new line protective relays where the speed of light is the only factor limiting their operating time.

Assessment of the Mexican Interconnected Electric Power System Operation Considering Non-Conventional Renewable Energies

Arturo R. Messinaϯ & Rafael Castellanos | The Center for Research and Advanced Studies ( Cinvestav), National Electricity and Clean Energies Institute (INEEL), Mexico

This presentation examines and analyses the impact of the increased penetration of wind and solar on the steady- and dynamic-state performance of power systems and requires the use of advanced analytical techniques.

AC Power Systems for GRID Simulation

Mahesh Thaker | Director of Engineering | AMETEK (Programmable Power) / VTI Instruments

The paper presents a brief history and evolution of grid simulator equipment for grid tied inverters. It provides a brief background of key drivers for development of grid simulators.

Model-based Systems Engineering of Syncrophasor Systems and Technologies

Luigi Vanfretti | Associate Professor | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, ECSE, Troy, NY

This presentation explores how electrical power systems are increasingly becoming 'digitalised', and the cyber-physical systems resulting from the merging of the electrical grid and ubiquitous information and communication systems creates unprecedented challenges regarding operation and control.

Electric Power HIL Controls Collaborative

Chris Smith | Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This presentation reviews the 'Electric Power Hardware-in-the-loop Controls Collaborative', which is a new model repository set up to simplify modelling of microgrid controls and reduce overall integration time.

NREL "Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study" (Aug 2016)

Compiled by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), RePPAE LLC, and GE

The US Eastern Interconnection (EI) is one of the largest power systems in the world. This paper reviews a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the US Department of Energy (DOE), called the Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study (ERGIS), which simulated one year of power system operations to understand impacts of wind and PV on the Eastern Interconnection.

Presented at the University of Queensland by Benoit Marcoux, Director, Asia Pacific for OPAL-RT Technologies.

This paper, published in the 'IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications', presents a real-time simulation platform for smart grid applications.


NREL Microgrid Controller Innovation Challenge Event

Brian Miller | Strategic Team Lead, Microgrids | US Dept of Energy 'National Renewable Energy Lab'

Being presented at the CISRO 2017 Microgrid Symposium in Newcastle (Nov 28-30), this presentation reviews the challenge under way in Q3-Q4 2017 by the NREL in the USA to evaluate lading edge microgrid control hardware in 1kW, 100kW, 1,000kW and 10,000kW simulated grids, using OPAL-RT platforms for power-hardware-in-the-loop modelling and analysis.

US Dept of Energy Advanced Microgrid Program

Dan Ton | Power Systems Engineering Research & Development | US Dept of Energy

The US Department of Energy's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) leads the Department of Energy’s efforts to ensure a resilient, reliable and flexible electricity system in the USA. This presentation reviews the group's 'Integrated Microgrid Program', which investigates the technical requirements for advancing microgrids to a fully integrated entities within the national power distribution system.

The Role of Microgrids in Grid Modernization Initiatives

Sima Seidi | Principal Consultant, Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources | Tetra Tech

Investigates the contributions of microgrids in grid modernisation initiatives, and emerging innovative technologies and successful projects in North America.

Co-simulation of power system and communication networks that combine real-time simulation models running on OPAL-RT to simulate real-time cyber-physical threats in microgrids.

Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Co-Simulation Platform for Microgrid Analysis

Martine Chlela, Carlos Rangel, Geza Joos | McGill University, Electric Energy Systems Laboratory

Reviews a generalised real-time hardware-in-the-loop co-simulation platform comprising hardware (OPAL5600, NI-cRIO digital controller) and software (RT-Lab, Matlab/Simulink, Ettercap, Python/Scapy, OPNET) to model and evaluate different communication protocols such as TCP/IP and IEC 61850 GOOSE, enabling advanced microgrid control capabilities to mitigate false data injection and Denial-of-Service cyber-attacks.

Proven Strategies and Key Concepts to Develop Successful Microgrid Control Systems

Abdel Rahman Khatib, PhD, PE, IEEE SM | Senior Power System Engineer | SEL Engineering Services, Inc.

Presents concepts for evaluating micogrid control systems prior to commissioning to help reduce risks.

This report describes the development of a real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) power system simulation platform to evaluate commercial micro-grid controllers.

Real-time simulator requirement for micro-grid simulation vs large power system

Luc-André Grégoire | OPAL-RT | Presented at International Conference on Industrial Technology, March 2015

Real-time simulator requirements for micro-grid simulation (vs large power system simulation).



This paper presents an iterative nodal solver for power switching devices implemented in Hydro-Québec’s real-time simulation software (Hypersim).

Modeling and Real Time Simulation of Wind Power Systems Using RT-Lab Platform

Khiat Mounir, Benaama Kamel, Kelkoul Ilyes | Laboratory SCAMRE, ENPO-MA, Oran, Algeria

This study describes the detailed modelling and simulation of a wind farm based on doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG), integrated into a power grid. The details of the control strategy and system simulation results using RT-LAB are presented and discussed.

Assessment of the Mexican Interconnected Electric Power System Operation Considering Non-Conventional Renewable Energies

Arturo R. Messinat & Rafael Castellanos | The Center for Research and Advanced Studies ( Cinvestav), National Electricity and Clean Energies Institute (INEEL), Mexico

Examining and analysing the impact of increased penetration of wind and solar resources on the steady- and dynamic-state operation of the Mexican Inter-connected Electric Power System.

From the OPAL-RT 2017 Regional User Seminar in Atlanta, this presentation explains the real-time Volt/Var Opatimization Scheme for distribution systems with PV integration.

Wind Farm Reactive Power Coordination

Shijia Li | McGill University | In collaboration with OPAL-RT

A review of a Wind Farm Reactive Power Coordination Scheme Using IEC 61850.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Conversion - From Devices to Grid Integration

Huiying Zheng | Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Alabama

an investigation of three different coordinated control structures and approaches for grid integration of PV array, battery storage, and supercapacitors.

Real-Time Simulation and Research on Photovoltaic Power System based on RT-LAB

Zhu Weiping, Zhao Yan, Yuan Xiaodong | The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal, 2015, Vol 8

Describes the use of OPAL-RT's ARTEMIS, RT-Events abd RT Lab software tools in power electronics simulations.

Grid Cybersecurity


This paper presents the development of a real-time cyber-physical system testbed for cyber security and stability control using an OPAL-RT platform.

Cybersecurity in Power Grids

Lloyd Wihl | Director, Application Engineering | Scalable Network Technologies

Increasing connectivity and automation in power grids means an increase in opportunities for cyber-attacks. This presentation reviews innovative simulation-based approaches to integrating cyber-attack, network dynamic and physical system models to answer 'what if' scenarios.

Cyber Threat Assessment and Mitigation for Power Grids

Lloyd Wihl | Director, Application Engineering | Scalable Network Technologies

This presentation reviews an innovative simulation environment using OPAL-RT with EXata platforms, to create realistic integrated simulations of physical and control systems under cyber-attack, showing protocol vulnerabilities, data communication timing and network dynamics, and the effectiveness of cyber-protection schemes.

Power Electronics


Real Time Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Benmeziane Meriem, Zebirate Soraya, Chaker Abelkader | Laboratory SCAMRE, ENPO, Oran, Algeria

Presents a real time simulation method for wind power generator systems with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) using OPAL-RT platforms running mdeols imported from Simulink.

Electric Drives


Presents an adaptive interval type-2 fuzzy logic control scheme for high-performance permanent magnet synchronous machine drives.


Modelling and Real-Time Simulations of Electric Propulsion Systems

Mario Porru, Alessandro Serpi, Andrea Floris, Alfonso Damiano

Presents an advanced Electric Propulsion System (EPS) model for light-duty Electric Vehicles (EVs).

A Power-Hardware-in-the Loop Test Bench for Electric Machine Emulation

Amitkumar K. S and Prof Pragasen Pillay | Power Electronics and Energy Research (PEER Group) | Concordia University

A review of Power-Hardware-In-the-Loop (PHIL) emulator test benches for testing and commissioning electric drive systems.

Explores Schneider Electric's use of OPAL-RT platforms in the development of variable speed drives and testing of control/command hardware and software.

OPAL-RT Simulators in ABB MV (Medium Voltage) Drives

Mathieu Giroux | Team Leader Software R&D, Medium Voltage Drives| ABB Switzerland

​A review of the 8-year collaboration with OPAL-RT and ABB MV Drives division, showcasing how OPAL-RT's simulators are used in product development, testing and field support.

Aerospace & Defence

RT17 Aerospace & Defence Keynote Speech

Alexandre Leboeuf | ‎Electronic Systems Integration Team Leader | OPAL-RT

An overview of the growth of real-time HIL and SIL simulations by enterprises such as Bombardier, for defence aerospace applications.


RT17 Intelligent Cars Keynote Speech

Pascal Remusan (RENAULT S.A.S) | Hervé Pollart (OPAL-RT)

RT17 keynote speech addressing how Renault is utilising OPAL-RT's platforms to develop smarter autonomous vehicles.

Real-Time Simulation of Predictive Control of DC Vehicular Microgrids

Asal Zabetian-Hosseini & Ali Mehrizi-Sani | Washington State University

A study of predictive control of a fuel cell-based DC microgrid for vehicular applications, using unidirectional converters to control the output current of fuel cells.

​Use of HIL by TCU Power Systems Design Laboratory for developing advanced ancillary services for a vehicle-grid interface.


A PC-Cluster Based Real-Time Simulator for All-Electric Ship Integrated Power Systems Analysis and Optimization

University of Michigan (USA) with the support of the US Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Presents the development of a PC-cluster based real-time simulator for All Electric Ship (AES) Integrated Power System (IPS) analysis and optimisation.

Documents the real-time simulation of a ship propulsion multi-machine system composed of 5 induction drives and 6 AC synchronous generators each with a 6-pulse diode rectifier.

Energy Conversion & Storage


The Setup of a Flexible Test Bench for the Low-Voltage-Ride-Through Capability of Solar Energy Converter

Junjun Zhang, Fei Zheng, Xialin Zhang, Jingsheng Huang, Weihua Wang, Fei Gao, Wei Tan

Presents a flexible test bench for testing the LVRT capability of solar energy converters using the FPGA-based RTS vs offline, non real-time simulation methods.


Frequency Response Services Designed for Energy Storage

D.M. Greenwod, K.Y. Lim, C. Patsios, P.F. Lyons, Y.S. Lim, P.C. Taylor

Reviews emerging use of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in future electric power systems as the penetration of renewable power and the reduction of energy from large-scale synchronous generators impact on the performance of synchronous AC power systems.

RT17 Power Electronics Keynote Speech

Christophe Brayet | OPAL-RT

RT17 keynote speech investigating the use of wideband gap semiconductors in converter design and circuit model implementation.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generation and Conversion - From Devices to Grid Integration

Huiying Zheng | Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Alabama

Investigates three different coordinated control structures and approaches for grid integration of PV array, battery storage, and supercapacitors.

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